Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th June 2024 Written Update: Kaashvi apologizes to Aditya on behalf of Arjun.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Kaashvi is opening the storeroom. Aditya comes in and asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she heard a noise. He lies and says he was fixing the pipe. He then tells her to go to Karun. She nods and leaves. Aditya wonders what happened to Kamal and decides to check on him after Kaashvi sleeps.

Later, Aditya goes to the basement and asks Kamal what happened. Kamal says he is in pain and starts crying. Aditya thinks his plan will fail if Kamal dies. He decides to take Kamal to the hospital and admits him there. Arjun arrives at the hospital to catch another criminal and sees Aditya. He wonders what Aditya is doing there, but Devansh takes Arjun away to catch the criminal.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th June 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th June 2024 Written Update

The doctor tells Aditya that Kamal needs surgery. Aditya asks the doctor to give Kamal a painkiller instead. The doctor does so, and Aditya takes Kamal from the hospital. Arjun and Devansh catch the criminal. Arjun tells Devansh about seeing Aditya and decides to follow him. Arjun sees Aditya taking someone into the house and tells Devansh something suspicious is happening. He asks Devansh to keep an eye on Aditya.

The next day, Arjun says the hospital CCTV cameras did not work. Devansh informs Arjun that Aditya and Kaashvi have gone to work, and Karun has gone to school. Arjun tells Devansh that the hooded man must be connected to Aditya’s case and orders him to break into Aditya’s house. Devansh leaves to do so, while Arjun decides to confront Aditya.

Arjun goes to Aditya’s office and asks what he was doing yesterday. Kaashvi says Aditya was with her. Arjun taunts Aditya for hiding things from Kaashvi and asks about the hooded man at the hospital. Kaashvi asks Aditya if what Arjun says is true. Arjun asks Aditya to tell Kaashvi the truth. Aditya lies, saying he was on a mission with his informer.

Arjun asks for the informer’s name, but Aditya refuses, saying it would put the informer’s life in danger. Kaashvi asks Arjun to stop because she trusts Aditya. Aditya warns Arjun to shut up and focus on being a good officer. Kaashvi tells Arjun to leave. Arjun says he knows Aditya is lying and won’t stay quiet. He leaves.

Kaashvi apologizes to Aditya for Arjun’s behavior. Aditya tells her she doesn’t need to apologize. Devansh searches Aditya’s house but finds no one there. He calls Arjun to inform him. Meanwhile, in jail, Nitya learns from Sushma that Kaashvi is Aditya’s wife.

Precap: Arjun tells Kaashvi that he has proof against Aditya. Nitya arrives and says Aditya is the real culprit, not Sushma.

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