Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st July 2024 Written Update: Arjun asks Kaashvi why she is marrying Aditya.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st July 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Arjun discovers that Nitya has kidnapped Dr. Mathur’s son, Dhruv. Arjun brings Dhruv to the hospital. Meanwhile, Nitya demands Dr. Mathur to reveal Kamal’s whereabouts. She threatens to harm Dhruv if he doesn’t tell the truth. Dr. Mathur confesses that he performed surgery on Kamal and reveals that Aditya took Kamal away. He pleads with Nitya not to hurt Dhruv. Arjun assures Dr. Mathur that Dhruv will be safe.

Dr. Mathur feels relieved to see his son. Arjun questions Nitya about using a child-like Dhruv. He explains that Dhruv is like a younger brother to him and shouldn’t be involved. Dr. Mathur apologizes to Arjun for lying to the police inspector. He admits he doesn’t know where Aditya took Kamal but remembers that Aditya used a taxi. Nitya demands to see the CCTV footage from that day.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st July 2024 Written Update

Meanwhile, Romila tells Aditya that Kaashvi should get mehendi applied by his family first. Aditya agrees and applies mehendi on Kaashvi’s hand. Isha suggests he write his name as well. Kaashvi asks Karun to be careful while playing. Aditya asks Kaashvi not to move her hand. Kaashvi notices Karun about to fall and rushes to catch him.

Karun apologizes to Kaashvi, who sits beside Aditya. Everyone notices Kaashvi has smeared her mehendi. She apologizes, but Aditya reassures and promises to write his name again. At the hospital, Arjun and Nitya review the CCTV footage. Arjun notices the taxi number and asks Devansh for more details about it.

Dadi notices Kaashvi looking upset. Kaashvi cries, remembering the moment Arjun applied mehendi to her hand. Karun hugs Kaashvi and asks why she’s crying. Kaashvi lies, saying they’re tears of happiness. Arjun tracks down the taxi driver who dropped Aditya and Kamal. Arjun and Nitya find Kamal and realize he has a fever. Arjun goes to fetch Dr. Mathur.

Kaashvi spots Arjun and asks why he’s there. Arjun confesses he can’t stay away from her. He notices her hand and questions how she can replace him. Arjun admits he came to stop the marriage and warns Aditya not to interfere. Kaashvi tells Aditya she will handle Arjun herself. Arjun asks Kaashvi why she’s marrying Aditya and pleads for a chance with her. She refuses.

Kaashvi realizes it was all a dream and steps out for fresh air. Aditya gets worried and follows her. Kaashvi sees Arjun with Dr. Mathur and follows them. Aditya also spots them and realizes they’re heading to Kamal’s house. He decides to stop Kaashvi and blocks her car.

Precap – Kaashvi learns her family has been kidnapped. Aditya blames Arjun for the kidnapping and confronts him about it.

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