Udne Ki Aasha 30th June 2024 Written Update: Renuka blames Sayali.

Udne Ki Aasha 30th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Sayali explains to Sachin how she lost her identity and financial freedom after marriage. She looks very hopeful about the future. Sachin finally understands why Sayali wants to earn. He promises to help her regain her identity. Sayali becomes very happy. Renuka returns from the hospital. Sachin teases her, which irritates Renuka and Tejash.

Sachin suggests postponing the wedding function because Renuka is ill, but Tejash gets nervous, so Sachin teases her again. Renuka blames Sayali for her condition, saying Sayali made the floor slippery by spilling water. Paresh and Aaji ask Sayali why she did that, but Sayali tries to avoid the situation. Sachin helps her out, explaining that Renuka had asked Sayali to clean the floor after her family had left the house.

Udne Ki Aasha 30th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 30th June 2024 Written Update

Renuka denies it as usual, but everyone is already convinced that Renuka caused her condition. Akash is furious and tells his mother not to do that again. Aaji says she never expected any good from Renuka. Finally, everyone leaves the room except Sachin, Renuka, and Tejash. Sachin mocks Renuka for causing trouble for herself.

Renuka taunts Sayali, blaming her for the current situation. When the other two brothers consider Renuka’s poor condition and suggest taking her to the hospital, Sachin makes fun of the suggestion. Aakash and Tejas help Renuka walk a little, but she can’t manage alone. Sayali learns about Renuka’s poor condition, and Sachin forbids her from doing anything for Renuka. Aaji suggests Sayali make homemade medicine to relieve Renuka.

Sayali asks her husband to bring the basic materials for the medicine, but Sachin doesn’t want to get involved. After a few hours, Sayali brings Renuka the medicine, but Renuka doesn’t want to take it. Sachin and Paresh hold her tightly and pour the medicine into her mouth. Sachin makes fun of Renuka’s situation, saying she will be paralyzed. She becomes scared, but Paresh tells her to stay calm. He also compares Sachin and Tejas.

Precap: Sachin and Sayali will learn the truth about Roshni’s previous marriage.

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