Udne Ki Aasha 14th June 2024 Written Update: Sayali and Aaji get emotional.

Udne Ki Aasha 14th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Sachin teases Sayali about her eyesight because she fell into the water. Ajji mentions she asked an astrologer to check Sayali’s future. Worried about Sayali’s fate, Ajji sends Sayali and Sachin to the temple for some puja. On the way, Sachin encourages Sayali to overcome her fear and learn to swim, telling her he learned to swim as a child. Sayali thanks Sachin for saving her life.

Aakash is worried about Riya hiring him to beat up some goons. He fakes an injury and sends Riya a picture to convince her he had beaten up the boy who misbehaved with her. Aakash did this to strengthen their bond. During a phone call, Riya expresses her happiness and says she now considers Aakash her best friend and wants to meet him soon. Aakash gets nervous that Riya might discover his secret and quickly ends the call.

Udne Ki Aasha 14th June 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 14th June 2024 Written Update

Ajji consults the astrologer about Sayali and Sachin’s marital life. The astrologer advises that it will be good for them if they start their marital life between nine and eleven, usually today. When the astrologer leaves, Ajji tells Sachin and Sayali that she has arranged a suhaag raat (wedding night) to improve their relationship. Sachin explains that their marriage was accidental, but Ajji insists on her decision.

Sachin gets irritated and is about to leave Ajji’s house when Ajji starts crying. She says there must have been a mistake in her upbringing, so Sachin misbehaved with Sayali and did not accept her as his wife. Both Ajji and Sachin get emotional. Shanti adds that not every relationship is perfect; people must work to make it perfect. Ajji becomes very emotional and scolds Sachin for not accepting an accomplished girl like Sayali as his wife.

Because Sachin loves his Ajji so much, he finally agrees with her. Ajji looks very happy and, along with Shanti, leaves to arrange the suhaag raat. Sachin then calls Pintiya to ask about his business and taxi in Mumbai, and Pintiya says everything is okay before cutting the call. Sachin wants to meet his friend, but Ajji doesn’t want to leave him alone. Sachin asks Sayali to convince Ajji. Sayali talks to Ajji, who then agrees to let Sachin go. Sayali looks happy that Sachin asked her to speak to Ajji on his behalf.

Riya meets Aakash and discovers his secret. She gets furious, calls Aakash a fraud, and leaves. A new girl comes to meet Ajji’s grandson’s wife. Sayali starts a conversation with her about Baiju’s lover. Sayali applies haldi on Baiju, and then she leaves. During the puja, Ajji’s best friend, Gitaa, arrives to bless Sayali.

Precap: In the evening, someone informs Sayali and Ajji that Sachin has escaped from the village. Sayali and Ajji get emotional, feeling betrayed by Sachin.

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