Udaariyaan 12th May 2023 Written Update: Nehmat claims her rights

Udaariyaan 12th May 2023 Written Update: The episode unfolds as Nehmat mounts the table, threatening to involve the authorities and have Jasmine arrested. Sartaj supports Nehmat, encouraging her to unburden her heart. Nehmat expresses her desire to do the same. She emphasizes that Ekam and Harleen are decent individuals, unlike Jasmine, who she believes deserves to be imprisoned. Jasmine, observing the shattered glass shards scattered on the floor, agitates the table to topple Nehmat. Fortunately, Sartaj catches Nehmat just in time, removing her from the scene while cradling her in his arms.

Regaining consciousness, Nehmat finds herself under Sartaj’s care. He inquires about her beverage consumption at the party. Upon reflection, she remembers consuming juice provided by Naaz. To alleviate her discomfort, Sartaj offers Nehmat some lemon water. He mentions that she revealed something during her unconsciousness, leaving Nehmat shocked and confused. Unable to remember, she urges Sartaj to disclose what she has said. Sartaj tells her that her revelations about her aunt, Jasmine, had astounded everyone. Nehmat, staggered by this news, begins to panic, fearing she inadvertently exposed Jasmine’s threats and jeopardized Ekam.

Udaariyaan 12th May 2023 Written Update
Udaariyaan 12th May 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan 12th May 2023 Written Update

Meanwhile, Ekam is preoccupied with Nehmat’s previous words, puzzled over her intentions. As Harleen enters the room, she questions Ekam’s constant need for escape. A disagreement ensues between Jasmine and Ekam, who firmly believes Nehmat is trying to convey something meaningful. Harleen refutes this, advising Ekam to move forward as Nehmat has done. Despite Harleen’s refusal to entertain his curiosity, Ekam remains adamant about uncovering Nehmat’s secret. Harleen weeps, expressing her inability to witness Ekam’s distress and wondering why Nehmat refuses to be honest about her feelings.

Sartaj insists on not revealing Nehmat’s drunken revelations until she agrees to an injection. He then probes about Jasmine’s actions toward her. Upon realizing she didn’t accidentally tell the truth, Nehmat feels relieved, recognizing that Sartaj was teasing her. As she playfully swats his chest, Sartaj gently clasps her hands, and they share a brief but intense gaze. Nehmat apologizes before distancing herself from Sartaj.

She brings up Sartaj’s admitted fear of injections, finding it ironic for a doctor. Sartaj responds that betrayal inflicts the deepest wounds, subtly referencing Nehmat’s predicament. Later, during dinner, Rupy inquires about Nehmat’well-being, to which she apologizes for her earlier actions. Naaz mocks Nehmat for causing a scene that Sartaj counters by accusing Naaz of spiking Nehmat’s drink. Naaz defensively states that she couldn’t have done so due to her henna-adorned hands.

Feeling left out, Naaz complains about not receiving any wedding gifts from her family. She reminds Rupy of his willingness to bestow land upon Harleen, questioning what he intends to give her. Harleen intervenes, asking Naaz to drop the matter. Nar remains adamant about her entitlements, noting that they should be hers since Nehmat and Harleen have declined the property. Nehmat interjects, asserting her rights to the land. Ekam sarcastically applauds, questioning Nehmat’s identity and expressing his disgust at her apparent character change. Nehmat retorts, claiming that she is not the person Ekarefersng to.

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