Titlie 4th October 2023 Written Update: Koyal helps Titlie.

Titlie 4th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Titlie starts by asking Megha why she is happy when everyone else is sad. Titlie says that she came to see Megha. She wants to help Garv because she thinks he was wrongly accused and promises to get the real criminal locked up. When Titlie enters a room, she finds Garv caring for Chiku. She wants to tell him a secret about Chiku, but things are now challenging. Garv says that Chiku is older than him by two years. Titlie is thinking about how to tell Garv that Chiku is his brother.

Titlie 4th October 2023 Written Update

Titlie suggests that Garv call Chiku “Bhaiya” (brother). Chiku is happy and tells Garv that he should do the same. After some jokes, Chiku hugs Garv. Titlie wishes she could tell everyone what’s going on. Titlie tells Garv that the problems are all because of Megha. She tells Garv what Megha plans to do and says she will tell the truth so Garv can be free.

Garv says that he has faith in Titlie. Titlie comes up with an idea to help Garv. Chintu brings chocolates to Titlie’s house at the same time. Drishti gets angry, but Chintu tells him that they are for Dhara. Koyal wants to tell Chiku the secret but doesn’t think now is the time. Koyal makes tea when she spills some, so Manikant comes to help her. Maina comes in during this and is upset.

Titlie dresses up as Wahida, the woman who is upset with Garv. Koyal sees her and tries to keep her secret. Megha is uncertain. Maina says that Garv should be forgiven. Garv asks Titlie for forgiveness, thinking about all the times he hurt her. He says he’s trying to change for the sake of his wife.

Titlie gives him support. Megha thinks Wahida is strange and wants to know who she is. Koyal says she wouldn’t understand. Garv tells Megha that Titlie is sick when she asks about her. At the end of the episode, Garv takes ‘Wahida’ to a room, and Megha wants to know Titlie’s plan.

Precap: Megha and Garv go on a date. Titlie notices how much Megha cares about Garv.

Titlie 4th October 2023 Episode Review

Titlie is the main character in this exciting episode. She has to deal with complicated feelings and secrets. As she tries to help Garv, who was wrongly accused, the plot gets more complicated when Chiku’s real name emerges. Titlie’s interactions with Megha and Garv show how well the episode plays with themes of trust, lying, and family ties.

The unexpected visit from Chintu and Koyal’s inner struggles add depth to the story. Titlie’s disguise as Wahida was a surprising turn that made people look forward to what would happen next. The way the characters interact with each other, especially the tension between Megha and the others, sets up more drama for the next episodes. The show does a great job of keeping people interested with its mix of emotion, mystery, and suspense.

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