Titlie 29th September 2023 Written Update: Garv teases Titlie.

Titlie 29th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Titlie prays; she asks God to help Garv get over something that happened in the past. Chiku is hungry and in the market. When he asks for food, people tell him to get a job. He sees some women eating something called modak, so he follows them. They take him to Garv’s house, where Garv is praying with his family. Everyone is shocked when Chiku asks for some modak. Chiku is there, and Manikant doesn’t know why.

Titlie 29th September 2023 Written Update

Chiku suddenly passes out when he sees his family. Koyal says, “Who are you?” Titlie says that Chiku helped her and Garv at some point. Garv says that even though Chiku is an adult, he still thinks like a child. Manikant and Alpa both think it’s not safe to keep Chiku at home. They decide to call the emergency room. Titlie wants to look after Chiku until the people from the hospital arrive. Garv agrees with Titlie, but Maina is angry.

At night, Garv jokes that Titlie is forgetting something. He wants something in return for hearing her out. He gets a comb as a gift from Titlie. When they hear noise, they are having a good time. They see Chiku getting into trouble.

Chiku throws a pillow, which makes Maina mad. Titlie tries to get her to be quiet. Megha is still there, so Titlie asks her why. Megha says that the noise made her stay. Garv and Titlie try to find Chiku, who has run away. Titlie sees a half-eaten modak in the kitchen and thinks Chiku ate it. No one can find him. Titlie isn’t sure if helping Chiku was the right thing to do. Garv says she was right, though.

Garv feels sad when he sees old toys and remembers when he and Chiku were kids and played with them. Titlie gives him comfort. Megha doesn’t like it when Titlie is with Garv. She says Chiku hurt her, but Titlie knows she’s not telling the truth. At the story’s end, Titlie plans to send Megha away.

Titlie 29th September 2023 Episode Review

In this episode, viewers are taken on an emotional journey as the past and the present meet. Titlie’s caring side is clear when she prays for Garv and later speaks up for Chiku, a man with the innocence of a child. The story’s main point is Chiku, who accidentally upsets the peace in Garv’s home.

His sudden arrival brings back memories, especially for Garv, who remembers when they were kids together. When Megha is around, tensions rise, and her lying adds to the drama. The episode does an excellent job of showing family ties, the challenges of caring for someone, and underlying tensions, which makes it interesting to watch.

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