Titlie 24th October 2023 Written Update: Garv gets hyper and wonders why Titlie is doing all this.

Titlie 24th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Titlie goes to Garv’s room to tell him that Koyal has arrived. But she finds Megha coming out of the room. She sees that Garv is sleeping, and Megha looks worried. Megha pretends and says Garv doesn’t want to be with her anymore. She also says that he has given her clothes and jewellery that belonged to Titlie. Megha tells Titlie that when Garv puts a ring on her finger tomorrow, Titlie must believe her. Dhara kisses a sleeping Drishti. Dhara promises to take care of Drishti.

Titlie prays and wonders why Garv is being mean to her. She’s staying in the house to find the real reason and hopes her idea works. Megha and Garv come in. Megha asks Titlie what idea she’s talking about. Titlie shows them rings and says today is a good day for them to get engaged. Manikant gets angry at Garv and says this decision is wrong.

Titlie 24th October 2023 Written Update

Chiku is also upset with Garv. He asks Garv why he’s hurting Titlie. Garv is firm about his decision. Titlie says he should put the ring on her if he wants Megha. Garv asks why he should, saying marriage isn’t a game. Megha takes the call and puts it on Garv. Titlie is sad seeing this, and Garv is unsure about putting the ring on Megha. Finally, he throws the ring away and leaves.

Maina tells Titlie that Garv doesn’t want to marry Megha. Titlie feels happy knowing Garv loves her. Dhara meets Chintu and says sorry for not telling him she was coming. Chintu is glad to see her. Dhara says she loves him, but Chintu should propose to Drishti instead.

Garv is upset and confused about Titlie’s actions. Megha tells Garv to relax. Garv feels guilty for hurting Titlie. Megha makes Garv doubt himself. Dhara asks Chintu to marry Drishti, leaving Chintu sad. Garv, with Megha, finally puts the ring on her, surprising Titlie. The story ends with Titlie being upset.

Precap: Megha will say that Titlie should leave. But Titlie will go only after Garv and Megha complete their wedding rituals.

Titlie 24th October 2023 Episode Review

Viewers see a string of miscommunications and altercations in this intense episode. Suspense is generated by Titlie learning about Megha’s purported connection to Garv and the anxiety surrounding the engagement ring. The complex interplay of the characters, particularly Titlie, Garv, and Megha, is essential to the story.

The touching sequence where Garv hesitates to propose to Megha, expressing his inner conflict, is the episode’s high point. Another element of suspense is added by Dhara’s subplot, which involves her sudden proposal swap between Chintu and Drishti. The episode is an emotional roller coaster with surprising turns that keep viewers interested in the following chapter.

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