Titlie 22nd October 2023 Written Update: Garv scolds Titlie.

Titlie 22nd October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Garv asks Titlie to give back her gifts because they will buy new ones for Megha. Titlie says these are clothes, jewellery, and her mother-in-law’s love. She feels she shouldn’t keep them since she won’t be the daughter-in-law anymore. She wonders if Garv has other reasons for this. Garv remembers how he had hurt Titlie and tells her he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore.

Garv is sure that he wants Megha. Maina and Megha are happy to hear this, while Titlie is sad. Megha asks Titlie to stop acting and to leave the house, but Titlie refuses. Titlie wants Megha to go before the Navratri festival is over. Manikant finds Koyal’s packed bags in her room and a note saying she’s leaving. Garv is in the kitchen eating sweets when Titlie tells him she’s arranged a good time for his engagement with Megha.

Titlie 22nd October 2023 Written Update

Garv is angry at Titlie for deciding about his life. She replies that she’ll leave only after he marries Megha. Megha comes in and agrees to the engagement. Chintu tries to contact Dhara but fails, so he calls Drishti to ask about her. Drishti promises to tell Dhara to call back. Chintu talks to Drishti about her baby and asks her to stay positive. He advises against marrying Sandy, assuring her she’ll find someone better. Drishti thinks maybe she has feelings for Chintu.

Manikant questions Maina about telling Koyal to leave. Maina seems amused by the note. Manikant thinks Maina should be the one to go, not Koyal. Koyal asks him not to talk like that to Maina. Koyal defends Maina, saying she raised her. Titlie reminds Maina of Koyal’s care and kindness. Maina feels terrible and cries. She says sorry to Koyal. Koyal plans to leave for a while but promises to come back. She wants to learn dance and start a dance school later. The episode finishes.

Precap: Megha will want Titlie to leave. But Titlie has a condition: Garv must participate in a traditional ritual with Megha before she leaves.

Titlie 22nd October 2023 Episode Review

In a dramatic episode, family ties and actions from the past come to the fore, making people very emotional. Because Garv chose Megha over Titlie, there is tension, which leads to a lot of emotional arguments. People have different feelings about Koyal’s leaving, but the central theme is love, loyalty, and the difficulties of family relationships.

Titlie’s strength is evident as she fights to protect Megha’s place in the family. This sets the stage for the next episode, which will be about traditional rituals and will be very interesting. The complicated relationships in this show, from Drishti’s possible feelings for Chintu to Maina realizing how devoted Koyal is, make it very interesting to watch.

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