Titlie 20th October 2023 Written Update: Titlie says Garv marry Megha.

Titlie 20th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Titlie blesses Garv and Megha after a prayer ceremony. She asks Garv if he’s ready to be with Megha. Garv jokingly asks if he should say it in writing. Titlie tells him she wants him to be happy and plans to arrange their wedding before the Navratri festival ends. This surprises Garv.

Chintu pulls aside Drishti, and Dhara watches them. Chintu asks Drishti if they should go ahead with their plan. Drishti shares that she’s expecting a child, and if Sandy doesn’t marry her, her family will disown her.

Titlie 20th October 2023 Written Update

Suddenly, Drishti bumps into Sandy, who accuses her of following him. Chintu pretends to be Drishti’s boyfriend. Drishti praises Chintu and thanks Sandy for letting her see Chintu’s worth. Watching from a distance, Dhara gets upset, thinking Chintu has betrayed her.

Titlie asks Garv if he’s ready to marry Megha. When he doesn’t reply, she insists on an answer. Koyal, who’s nearby, is shocked. She reminds Titlie that she’s Garv’s wife. Titlie says she wants Garv’s happiness and will ensure he marries Megha. Koyal argues, saying marriage isn’t a game. Titlie is determined.

Koyal and Manikant think Titlie’s decision to marry Megha and Garv is wrong. Titlie compares it to a past event involving Koyal. Koyal is hurt and talks about the difficulty of seeing one’s husband with someone else. She wonders if Titlie’s actions are a trick to get Garv to reveal his true feelings. The story ends with Garv confused, wondering why Titlie wants him to marry Megha.

Precap: Titlie will tell Garv she’s picked a particular date for his engagement with Megha. Garv will question her right to make choices for him. Titlie will ask him only to leave the house once he’s engaged to Megha.

Titlie 20th October 2023 Episode Review

In the episode, Titlie wants Garv to be happy, so she suggests he marry Megha. This decision, full of feelings and misunderstandings, becomes the main point. Drishti’s side story with Chintu and Sandy adds more mystery, but what stands out are the tense situations and complicated relationships between Titlie, Garv, and Koyal.

You can feel the tension when you put Koyal’s inner struggle next to Titlie’s determination. This episode is full of feelings, betrayals, and decisions that must be made soon. It ends on a suspenseful note that makes you look forward to the next chapter.

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