Titlie 13th October 2023 Written Update: Megha provokes Garv.

Titlie 13th October 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Megha is tricking Garv to be angry at Titlie and Koyal by siding with him. Megha tells Garv that Titlie kept a secret from him. When Garv asks Titlie if she knows Chi Chi is his brother Chiku, she doesn’t reply. This makes Garv very mad. Chintu tells Dhara he has something to share. While talking, he hears Garv yelling and asks Dhara to see what’s happening.

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Garv keeps asking Titlie to tell him the truth. He asks her if she knows about Chiku. When she admits it, Garv is sorrowful and upset. Everyone feels terrible seeing Garv like this. He asks Titlie why she kept such a big secret from him, mainly when he used to share memories of Chiku.

Titlie 13th October 2023 Written Update

Garv asks Titlie if she doesn’t feel bad for hiding the truth. He tells her he changed for her and trusted their love. But before Titlie can reply, Garv says he doesn’t want to hear any reasons. He cries and keeps asking why she hurt him.

Megha comes to Garv and blames Titlie for everything. Drishti goes to a doctor who tells her that ending her pregnancy is risky. Drishti gets scared. She calls Sandy but hears him with another girl. Titlie tells Megha she knows what she’s up to. Megha replies that Titlie is not genuine.

Garv is furious at Titlie. He calls her fake and starts breaking things. When Koyal tries to calm him down, he shouts at her, too. Garv takes Maina and Chiku and goes inside. Koyal comforts Titlie. Megha laughs at Titlie’s pain. The story ends with Megha enjoying Titlie’s troubles.

Precap: Titlie has a plan to help Chiku. She pretends to be shocked and calls Chiku for help.

Titlie 13th October 2023 Episode Review

There is a lot of emotion and tension in the relationships between the characters in this episode. Megha’s sneaky behaviour set the tone and caused Garv and Titlie to dislike each other. When Titlie’s secret about Chiku is revealed, it makes Garv’s pain even worse, and he shows how hurt he is by betrayal and trust issues.

Side stories, like Drishti’s medical and relationship problems, make the main story more interesting. It’s more dramatic when Megha constantly misbehaves, especially when she enjoys Titlie’s pain. This episode is a roller coaster of feelings, with betrayal, secrets, and sneaky games at its heart.

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