Teri Meri Doriyaann 22nd May 2024 Written Update: Sahiba try to stop Angad.

Teri Meri Doriyaann 22nd May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Sahiba tries to call Angad, but he doesn’t pick up. Angad is talking to two drunk guys, complaining about Daljeet bothering him. Angad says he can’t fight Daljeet because Daljeet has his child with him. Angad tells them that Daljeet is interested in Sahiba. The drunk guys ask Angad if Sahiba is his wife. Angad says no, Sahiba is the mother of his child. The drunk guys make comments about Angad.

Manveer is worried about Angad. The drunk guys suggest to Angad that he should kill Daljeet to end his problems. Angad thinks their idea is good and decides to kill Daljeet. The drunk guys say they were only joking, but Angad doesn’t listen and leaves to find Daljeet. He leaves his car at the liquor shop and walks away.

Teri Meri Doriyaann 22nd May 2024 Written Update

Sahiba is looking for Angad. Garry is also worried about Angad. Sahiba finds Angad’s car outside a bar and restaurant. She looks for him inside but doesn’t find him. Angad has bought a gun and bullets. Sahiba learns that Angad left the restaurant on foot. The drunk guys realize she is Sahiba and tell her about their talk with Angad. They tell her that Angad plans to kill Daljeet for revenge. Sahiba calls Garry for help to stop Angad.

Garry meets Sahiba at the bar and restaurant and learns about Angad’s plan. Sahiba says they must stop him. Akir wakes up and notices Sahiba’s puppet is missing. He gets upset and searches his room for it. Daljeet is shown sleeping with Sahiba’s puppet in her hands. Sahiba and Garry see Angad going towards Daljeet’s house. They try to stop him, but Angad doesn’t listen and insists he will kill Daljeet.

Precap: the news reports that Sahiba was shot dead outside the court. The reporter says the police arrested Sahiba for a case, and she was shot and killed while being taken to court. The reporter urges the audience to find out who the shooter is. The reporter learns about Angad Singh Brar and cuts the video.

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