Teri Meri Doriyaann 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Angad telling the reporters he is uninterested. Sahiba asks Angad if he is not interested in posing with her—Manveer comments on Sahiba. The reporters questioned Sahiba about what she said. Sahiba makes up a reason and says they will get what they want. Sahiba invites Angad to pose with her. Angad and Sahiba do a couple’s pose for the reporters. Sahiba tells Angad that she came here for the reception only for his family. Sahiba says to Angad if they have to act entirely.

Angad tells Sahiba she doesn’t know how the reporters talk rudely to them. Sahiba says they are just doing their job and warns Angad that if he avoids them, the reporters will ask more questions. Angad does a couple’s pose with Sahiba. A reporter asks Angad what happened at his wedding. Manveer worries about what Angad will tell the reporters.

Angad says to the reporters that whatever happened in his wedding is past and says Angad and Sahiba are happy with this marriage. Sona, the reporter, asks Angad if he forgot what happened at his wedding. Angad says the wedding did not go as planned, matches are made in heaven, and their game is made in heaven. Angad tells the reporters that the Brars accepted Sahiba as their daughter-in-law because they don’t see if the other person is rich or poor and says they only see the humanity in the other person. The guests clap for Angad’s speech. One of the guests asks Angad and Sahiba to dance.

While dancing, Sahiba calls Angad a hypocrite for talking like that in front of reporters. Angad asks Sahiba if she is taunting him. Sahiba comments on it. Angad asks Sahiba to stop making excuses and act the part. Sahiba comments on what Angad said. The guests praise Angad’s pair. Seerat hearing the compliments, thinks she should have been in Sahiba’s place and scolds her for bad luck. Seerat says she might have overestimated Garry.

Garry acts like he has accidentally spilt juice on Sona and takes her to a side to clean it up. Sona asks Garry why he is missing from the wedding. Garry comments on what she said and says she will know what he is doing in the future. Garry asks Sona out on a date. Sona asks Garry if they can go on a mountaineering trip. Garry agrees. Veer sees Garry and Sona talking and tries to go to them, but someone calls him, so he goes to them.

Suri’s Uncle and Pam congratulate Angad and Sahiba. Angad thanks them. Jaspal comes and takes Angad away. Sahiba sees Suri’s Uncle having trouble getting down the stairs, and she helps him. Suri’s Uncle says to Sahiba that she married a great guy. Suri’s Uncle says he used to work as a house helper in this house.

Suri’Uncle says he has known Angad since then and says Angad always respects his workers. He also cared for his daughter Parwinder who works in this house and says Angad took responsibility for Pam’s education. Suri’Uncle says Angad is a great guy. Suri’Uncle leaves from there. Looking at Angad, Sahiba thinks that if he has a good side in his heart, why does he hate her so much?

Garry asks Sona if she understood what he said. Sona agrees. Seerat sees Garry and calls him, but Garry doesn’t hear her and leaves. Seerat sees Angad and drops the tray. The glass breaks on the ground. Angad seeing this pulls Sahiba so that she doesn’t get hurt.

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