Suhaagan 16th May 2023 Written Update: Madan leaves Bindiya’s house

Suhaagan 16th May 2023 Written Update: The episode starts with Bindiya sharing her confusion with their pet cow, Rampyari. She is disturbed because she has to leave Dadi and go to town. Dadi comes and consoles her, telling her not to worry about her. Due to her health, she cannot take care of both sisters. Bindiya refuses to leave her sick Dadi for the comforts of town. She cries and reminds Dadi how much she will miss her in her Uncle’s house. Finally, Dadi agrees not to send them to their Uncle’s house. Madan overhears the conversation and becomes angry at Bindiya because she has ruined all his plans.

Madan bids a final goodbye to Dadi and asks for her blessings. He fakes his love and respect for Dadi, trying to manipulate her final decision. However, Dadi remains firm in her resolve. As the couple prepares to leave, Fulmati stops them and performs a farewell Aarti ritual. She teases Madan and gives them a box of sweets as a gift. Madan and Rekha appear heated but keep quiet. Payal stops Rekha and asks to go with them, showing her backpack. Bindiya tries to stop her, but Payal insists that if she can live with her parents, she can live without anyone.

Suhaagan 16th May 2023 Written Update
Suhaagan 16th May 2023 Written Update

Madan hugs her and tries to console her, but Payal remains stubborn. Madan tells Payal that she is not like luggage that can be carried in the trunk like other belongings. He manipulates Payal’s thoughts. Then he asks her not to cry and leaves with Rekha, disappointed because his plan failed. Bindiya apologizes to Madan and Rekha, and Madan hugs her. He promises Bindiya that he will revisit them.

Bindiya calls for Payal to say a final goodbye to their Uncle, but Payal is nowhere to be found. Madan suggests that Payal may need some time alone to console herself and stops Bindiya from searching for her sister. Madan and Bindiya bid farewell to everyone. He asks Bindiya to stay happy, gets into his car, and leaves. Bindiya takes Dadi inside to rest. Fulmati and Bhim look very happy. Bhim praises Fulmati for her final insult to Madan, and Fulmati playfully calls him naughty and hugs him. Bhim’s breath stops due to Fulmati’s weight, and she tries to calm him down.

Inside the house, Bindiya informs Dadi that she hasn’t seen Payal for two hours since their Uncle left. Dadi insists on searching again, but Bindiya says she has already done that. Fulmati suddenly returns to her old, proper form and expresses her dislike for the behavior of the two sisters. She threatens to take care of that soon. Dadi and Bindiya are disappointed with Fulmati’s sudden change. Dadi realizes Fulmati’s true intentions and regrets not understanding her sooner. Fulmati orders Bindiya to clean the house, and when Bindiya gets up to search for her sisters again, Fulmati tries to slap her and calls her to prepare dinner.

While Fulmati goes to prepare the food, she accidentally cuts her hand with a knife. Bindiya tells her that the night is getting darker. Meanwhile, Bhim searches the whole village but doesn’t find Payal anywhere. Fulmati even forbids Bindiya from calling Madan. After a while, Fulmati and Bhim converse, and Bindiya seizes the opportunity to steal Fulmati’s phone and call Madan. Suddenly, Fulmati catches her, but she doesn’t notice the mobile phone in Bindiya’s hand. Meanwhile, Madan is enjoying his journey with Rekha, appearing very happy. His phone rings, but he quickly cuts the call, thinking it’s Fulmati calling.

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