Radha Mohan Written Update 16th August 2023 Written Update: Mohan becomes aware of the consequences Radha faced.

Radha Mohan Written Update 16th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s Episode, Damini tries to steal Radha’s wedding necklace. Radha puts an end to it. Radha pushes Jwala Devi and the cop away when they try to grab her. Even Damini’s hand gets bit by Radha. Damini says that she doesn’t need the chain since she has Mohan. She says that she won’t let Mohan go until Radha is gone. Radha gets mad and tries to hurt Damini, saying that no one can take Mohan away from her. Radha gets hit by Jwala Devi. Damini says that Radha needs to stay locked up.

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In another place, Kadambari asks why Radha and Mohan have so many problems. She doesn’t know what to do to help. Mohan gets away from Mohit and tries to choke him. He says he needs to talk to Radha. Mohit tells Mohan that Radha will be gone in 5 days and explains what Radha has to do. Then, Mohit’s friends beat Mohan up.

Radha Mohan Written Update 16th August 2023 Written Update

Gungun prays and says that everything will be fine if Radha and Mohan are together. Since they are no longer together, they need God’s help. Mohan needs to be found, says Kadambari. They can save Radha if they pass a specific test. She also asks God to help her. Shakti also says prayers for Radha’s safety. She wants to go to Vrindavan, but she thinks she needs help.

She tries to call Dua, but she doesn’t pick up. So, she writes Dua a note. Radha is put in jail with rats and cockroaches by Jwala Devi. Radha is made fun of by Damini, who points out that her position has changed. She asks Radha if she still loves Mohan. Radha says she will always love Mohan, even if bad things happen.

Radha Mohan Written Update 16th August 2023 Written Update

Damini wants to break Radha’s heart and make her regret loving Mohan. Radha stays strong, though. Kaveri, another woman, tells Jwala Devi that Radha needs to be punished. Jwala Devi then hurts Radha. Later, Damini is asked to a jail event, and she plans to stay in a fancy hotel. Mohan and Radha are the ones Gungun wants to see. Shekhar says that she can’t see Radha right now, though. Gungun is in a bad mood. Radha and Mohan agree that they must be vital for their families.

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