Radha Mohan 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Radha Mohan 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Tulsi asking Radha to hold on to a picture until she returns. She reminds Radha that she needs to stay strong for Gungun and Mohan. She encourages her to bear the pain and not give up. Radha promises to remain strong. Once Tulsi leaves, Radha remembers the special moments with Mohan and Gungun and how they always supported her.

Meanwhile, Tulsi arrives home and questions Lord Krishna. She asks why he wants to separate Radha from Mohan and Gungun. She is upset that after a long time of sadness, Mohan and Gungun found happiness, but now it seems that it might be taken away. She wonders why Radha is suffering so much now.

Radha Mohan 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update
Radha Mohan 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update

At the same time, Radha remembers how Mohan once asked her to leave and never return. Holding onto the photo, she worries that Mohan won’t be able to forgive himself if something terrible happens to her. She begs Lord Krishna to let her stay with her family. She knows Lord Krishna is powerful and pleads with him not to take her from Mohan and Gungun. She prays to Lord Krishna.

Tulsi challenges Lord Krishna to bring back happiness to her family. She believes that good people shouldn’t suffer, and if something terrible happens to Radha, she will blame him. She pleads with him to change Radha’s fate because Radha cannot die. If Lord Krishna doesn’t save Radha, Tulsi will believe he is just a stone who doesn’t care about anyone.

On the other side, Dulari serves food to Mohan. When Mohan asks about the others, Dulari tells him that no one else wants to eat. Mohan says he doesn’t care if others don’t want to eat. But as he is about to start eating, he remembers Radha and stops. Suddenly, the doors open due to a change in the weather. Kadambari wonders why the weather changed so suddenly. This prompts Mohan to move towards the house temple.

Gungun takes Mohan’s hand and tells him she didn’t lie about Radha. She swears on a picture of Tulsi that she doesn’t know where Radha is. Seeing her cry, Mohan tells her not to. She warns him that Radha is in danger. Just then, they notice that an idol of Radha is about to fall. Mohan catches it before it hits the floor. He realizes that his Radha is in danger and Gungun is right. He shouts Radha’s name. Hearing this, Damini and Kaveri drop their glasses in shock. Even Radha hears Mohan’s scream. Mohan vows not to let anything happen to Radha.

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