Radha Mohan 1st September 2023 Written Update: Radha warns Jwala Devi.

Radha Mohan 1st September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Tulsi asks Radha what will happen to Mohan and their family if Radha goes to the police. Mohan thinks it will be easy for him to escape if Damini leaves. Radha tries but can’t get her scooter going. She knows that Tulsi is getting in her way. She asks Tulsi why she is doing this while trying to save their family. Tulsi tells her that Mohan will lose his wife and Gungun will lose her mother if something happens to Radha. Tulsi says that she can’t let that happen.

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Radha tells her that they can’t risk hurting everyone. She says Jwala Devi will hurt their family if she doesn’t go to the police. Radha says that she would rather die than risk harming her family. Tulsi tells her they don’t know what dangers are coming. Radha says that she will go and protect the family in Gungun’s name, and then she leaves.

Radha Mohan 1st September 2023 Written Update

Bad people hurt the Trivedi men. Ketki tells Jwala Devi to stop. Also, Kadambari tells her to stop. They are said to be quiet by Jwala Devi. She doesn’t know why Radha hasn’t shown up yet. A female police officer doesn’t think Radha will help. She is told to beat up the Trivedi women by Jwala Devi. Gungun says to Jwala Devi, “Please don’t hurt us.” Jwala Devi says that Radha is to blame because she didn’t come.

Rameshwar tells Jwala Devi to stop. She tells Gungun that if Radha comes, she’ll let everyone go. Gungun says she will call Radha and ask her to come. She is advised not to by Kadambari. Gungun asks Jwala Devi to promise that Radha won’t get hurt. Jwala Devi makes a promise but also says she’ll put Radha in jail. Gungun tells her to stick to what she said. She tells her to call Radha. Jwala Devi agrees.

Mohan is awake, according to Kaveri. Damini stops her from checking, even though she tries. Damini says that if Mohan wakes up, things will go wrong. Both of them leave.

Gungun cries when he calls Radha. Radha asks everyone if they’re all right. Gungun says that Jwala Devi makes everyone hurt. Jwala Devi picks up the phone and tells Radha that her mistake could hurt their family. Radha tells her to stay away from them. Radha can’t do anything, says Jwala Devi, and she threatens to hurt the Trivedis.


In this dramatic episode, Radha decides to go to the police to protect her family from Jwala Devi’s threats. Tulsi tells Radha not to do it because she worries about her safety, but she feels she must risk her life for her family. In the meantime, Jwala Devi has no mercy for the Trivedi family. She tells her goons and a female police officer to mistreat them.

Gungun bravely negotiates with Jwala Devi, and she agrees to stop the fighting if Radha comes. Mohan sees a chance to escape this, but Damini and Kaveri stop him. Jwala Devi directly threatens Radha over the phone, leaving the episode on a cliffhanger. The tension is high, and the stakes are even higher because each character has to make hard decisions.

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