Radha Mohan 18th May 2023 Written Update

Radha Mohan 18th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Radha losing consciousness because she is losing too much blood. On the other hand, Mohan tells Kadambari that Radha knows how to ruin other people’s lives and that nothing terrible will happen to her. Kadambari asks if he will say the same thing if something happens to Radha. Kaveri tells Damini they should have also sent Kadambari to the cold storage room. Damini tells her she won’t give Kadambari an easy death, but her priority is Radha.

Mohan tells Kadambari that nothing terrible will happen to Radha because everything is just an act by Radha. Tulsi catches a glimpse of blood and becomes worried about Radha. She holds her wedding chain and sees a vision of Radha lying on the floor and moving toward the afterlife. She asks Radha to stop and says she can’t go because she must save the Trivedi family from Damini. Radha is her last hope, so she holds Radha’s hand.

Radha Mohan 18th May 2023 Written Update
Radha Mohan 18th May 2023 Written Update

Gungun asks Mohan to go with her to search for Radha because she’s not pretending. Kadambari tells Mohan that he won’t be able to forgive himself if something happens to Radha. Mohan tells her that he won’t go to search for Radha. Damini agrees with Mohan. Ketki scolds Damini for coming between Mohan and Radha. Gungun asks them to stop fighting and says they must find Radha. Mohan tells everyone not to search for Radha and goes inside. Gungun tells Ketki that she’s telling the truth, and Ketki assures her they will find Radha.

Meanwhile, Tulsi tells Radha that she can’t die. Radha is shocked to see Tulsi and asks how she can touch her. She remembers that Tulsi said she couldn’t feel others. Tulsi tells Radha that they are between life and death, and Radha has to return to her life. She says that Mohan and Gungun’s lives revolve around Radha, and she knows that Mohan loves Radha and would die if he lost her. She adds that Gungun needs Radha and pleads with her not to leave Mohan and Gungun. Tulsi notices blood on Radha’s head.

Damini and Kaveri celebrate their success. Damini tells Kaveri that she enjoyed it when Mohan went against Radha, and Gungun starts hating Mohan after learning about Radha’s death. She plans to handle Mohan when he’s alone and send Gungun to a hostel.

Gungun apologizes to Mohan for troubling him and insists she’s not lying this time. Kadambari tells Mohan that even her heart is telling her that Radha is in danger. Mohan says they saw the CCTV footage, and Radha left the office. He believes that everything is a plan by Radha and Gungun to bring him to the office.

Radha tells Tulsi she won’t get another chance like this and asks her to reveal the truth about her death. Tulsi asks Radha to ask her where she is now because she is bleeding. Radha asks Tulsi what happened to her.

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