Radha Mohan 15th May 2023 2023 Written Update: Mohan questions Damini

Radha Mohan 15th May 2023 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Damini shocking Kadambari by confessing that she is responsible for Radha’s death and believes that no one can save her now. Overwhelmed, Kadambari leans against the desk and pleads with Damini to reveal what she did to Radha. In response, Damini defends herself, insisting that despite what others may think, she did nothing wrong to Radha and asked Kadambari to stop accusing her. Seeing through Damini’s act, Kadambari urges her to stop the charade and disclose the truth. Tearfully, Damini promises to prove her innocence and insists that Kadambari accompanies her.

Inside the room, Radha trembles as the temperature drops drastically. Realizing her life is in danger, she frantically searches for an escape route, only to find none. To uncover the truth, Damini requests the technician to show them the CCTV footage from the last two hours. However, they learn that the cameras are malfunctioning and nothing has been recorded. Enraged, Damini reprimands the technician, prompting Kadambari to dismiss him. With determination, Kadambari confronts Damini, revealing her suspicion that it is all part of Damini’s scheme. She offers Damini a final chance to come clean, warning that she will involve Mohan, who will make Damini confess.

Radha Mohan 15th May 2023 2023 Written Update
Radha Mohan 15th May 2023 2023 Written Update

Meanwhile, Radha desperately contemplates her escape and recalls a conversation with Mohan. She realizes that the cold storage room will open the next day at 7 am, giving her a limited window to prevent the room temperature from dropping. Back at home, the family grows increasingly worried about Radha’s absence. Mohan decides to call his mother for support, while Kadambari contacts Mohan directly.

She inquires whether Radha has returned home, to which Mohan replies in the negative, seeking an explanation. Suspecting Damini’s involvement, Kadambari shares her concerns and declares that she won’t allow Damini to enter the house if Radha doesn’t return. Seizing the opportunity, Damini grabs the phone and defends herself, claiming innocence. Torn between the two conflicting narratives, Mohan urges Damini to tell the truth.

In the cold storage room, Radha takes matters into her own hands and attempts to block the AC inlet to halt the temperature drop. She accidentally knocks down a box in her struggle, injuring herself further. Meanwhile, Damini contacts Keshav and requests him to review the CCTV footage from her room, which she claims was closed and tamper-proof.

After confirming that the CCTV is functional, Keshav presents the footage to Damini, who promptly video calls Mohan and shows him the evidence. She maintains that she was in the washroom when Kadambari called her, unaware of Radha’s whereabouts. Tulsi, however, refuses to believe Damini’s version of events and expresses profound concern for Radha’s safety.

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