Radha Mohan 15th August 2023 Written Update: Jwala Devi mistreats Radha

Radha Mohan 15th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Gungun asks Ketki for a punishment. Kaveri says that Radha and Tulsi will meet soon. Damini says that Radha, Shekhar, and Mohan did their best but couldn’t get what they wanted. Dadi tells the judge that Radha isn’t guilty of anything. Shekhar tells Radha he’s sorry. Radha asks where Mohan is because she thinks he might be in trouble. The cops then take away Radha.

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Radha wants to know where Mohan is from, Damini. Mohan will only return if Radha is punished, Damini tells her as they hug. Radha thinks that she and Mohan are going to be okay and that Mohan will come to save her. The cops step in when she tries to talk to Damini.

Radha Mohan 15th August 2023 Written Update Jwala Devi mistreats Radha

Ketki is asked by Kadambari when Mohan begins helping Radha. Ketki says that Mohan has always been on Radha’s side and only appeared to be on Damini’s side. Namrata doesn’t understand why Mohan helps Radha even though she hurts Tulsi. Gungun thinks that Radha didn’t mean to hurt Tulsi. Shekhar says that Mohan sought proof that would clear Radha’s name.

Gungun is not happy. Kadambari tells her that Radha and Mohan will be all right. Since Mohan hasn’t returned, Ketki worries he might be in danger. Kadambari thinks Damini took Mohan. Shekhar tells Radha she will be taken to a hefty jail and punished in 5 days. Gungun is afraid that she will lose her mother. Kadambari and Shekhar promise Radha that they will do everything possible to help. They have five days to show that she is not guilty.

Mohit is about to hurt Mohan, who is asleep, but Damini stops him by hitting Mohit. Kaveri tells Damini to be careful and scolds her. Mohan asks to be let go to help Radha when he wakes up. Damini wants Radha to have a hard time. Radha tells Shekhar that she is sure Damini has taken Mohan while she is in jail.

Radha Mohan 15th August 2023 Written Update

Damini tells Kaveri that she did so much for Mohan, but he only cares about Radha. Kaveri tries to make her feel better by telling her that things will change and Mohan will be alone without Radha. Damini wants Radha to get hurt because she loves Mohan. She tells Inspector Jwala Devi that Radha needs to be punished. Radha is talking to Shekhar when the inspector comes up and pulls her away.

Mohan knows he has to run away if he wants to help Radha and his family. The inspector is wrong, Radha tells her. Radha has no right to talk about what’s right, says Damini. She thinks Radha did something wrong and should get in trouble for it. The inspector receives paid by Damini. Radha fights back when the officer tries to hurt her. Radha stops Damini from taking Radha’s unique necklace.

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