Radha Mohan 14th August 2023 Written Update: Mohan kidnapped

Radha Mohan 14th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Devika tells the judge that Radha admits to committing the crime and should be punished. Radha did not hurt Tulsi; Tulsi tells the judge. Mohan says that Radha did not hurt Tulsi and that someone is trying to blame her. He is asked what he means by Kadambari. Mohan is talking, and the judge tells him to stop. Mohan used to be against Radha, so the judge is surprised that he now backs her.

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Radha said she did the crime, the judge says. She thinks that Radha is the one who hurt Tulsi and her baby. Radha will get in trouble, says the judge. Shekhar asks the judge to wait an hour because he can prove Radha’s innocence then. The judge says he can have an hour.

Radha Mohan 14th August 2023 Written Update

Shekhar tells Mohan to get a report from the outside. Mohan is asked by Damini why he thinks Radha is innocent. Mohan knows Radha will be set free. He lets Damini know.

Shekhar has some proof, Devika tells Damini. She asks Mohan if he has any evidence. Damini is worried and doesn’t want the proof to get to court. She finds out where the proof is and gives someone a call. Mohan gets the news, but someone attacks him and takes him away.

Radha Mohan

When everyone returns to court, they all worry about where Mohan is. Time is almost up. Mohan is just losing time, says Devika to the judge. Radha is suddenly furious because she thinks Damini has hurt Mohan. The cops stop her from hurting Damini.

Devika tells the judge that Radha could hurt them. Gungun tells the judge that Radha should be given a chance. But the judge thinks Radha is guilty, especially since she attacked Damini. The judge decides what to do. Radha is sad and thinks about her family, but Damini is happy.

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