Radha Mohan 13th August 2023 Written Update: Radha protect her beloved Dadi

Radha Mohan 13th August 2023 Written Update: The doctor tells Dadi that Tulsi lost her baby at the show’s beginning. Dadi wants Tulsi to feel better. Radha tells Dadi that she needs to let Mohan know. Tulsi stops Dadi from calling Mohan right as she is about to. She tells Mohan that he didn’t think she was pregnant and that she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings by telling him about the baby’s death. Dadi and Radha agree to keep the news to themselves.

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Dadi speaks up in court. Mohan thinks that Radha was there when no one else was for Tulsi. Radha says she’s sorry for lying to him. Devika sounds like Radha and Dadi might have more lies to hide. Shekhar says that doesn’t mean Radha hurt Tulsi. Devika wants to talk to Mohit, who is Tulsi’s brother. Tulsi doesn’t understand why Mohit would say something terrible about Radha.

Radha Mohan 13th August 2023 Written Update

Mohan has earphones on, which Damini sees. She checks her phone and sees that Mohan is on Radha’s side, which makes her think of the time they hugged. She worries about Radha. Devika asks Mohit about the baby Tulsi is having in court. He says that he knew because he had been to their home.

Mohit says that Radha caused the crash, but Radha says that’s not true. Dadi says it was not Radha who did it. Mohit is asked by Shekhar why he hasn’t told him this before. Mohit says he wanted to tell the cops, but Dadi begged him not to, so he didn’t. He didn’t say anything because he told Tulsi he wouldn’t. He isn’t being honest, so Tulsi asks him why.

Radha Mohan

Dadi thinks that Mohit is wrongly trying to blame Radha. Devika thinks Dadi may have had something to do with Tulsi’s death. Mohan is asked to help by Tulsi. Devika says that Dadi planned everything and that she might have told Radha to trick Mohan for money.

Devika says Dadi should feel bad and wonders why she did what she did. Dadi is in a lot of pain. Radha wants Devika to stop saying that Dadi is guilty. Tulsi thinks Mohan will keep Dadi safe. All of a sudden, Radha says that she hurt Tulsi, and she asks the judge to let Dadi go. Dadi says no to this. Devika tells the judge that Radha should be punished since she said she did it.

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