Pandya Store 8th September 2023 Written Update: Dhawal admires Natasha.

Pandya Store 8th September 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Natasha asks Amba if they can eat together. Amba says they can’t all eat together because everyone is busy. But they will cook dinner together and eat it together. Mittu tells Shesh that he doesn’t work and is lazy. They can see that Suman is sad. Suman talks about a strange customer, and Cheeku may be the one he is talking about. But people tell her she shouldn’t guess.

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Because Pranali likes Natasha, Amresh calls her and makes fun of her. He says that Pranali told him that Natasha wanted to know a secret about a wedding. He tells Pranali that her dad’s job will be gone because of him. Amresh doesn’t listen when Pranali tries to explain. Natasha tells Suman about an odd thing she saw.

Pandya Store 8th September 2023 Written Update

Suman is also taken aback. When Dhawal comes in, it’s a little awkward. Dolly is making videos at the same time. She asks Chirag for help, but he is shocked when he sees the camera. Dolly says she tells everyone online everything. Dolly is asked to cook by Chirag, but she can’t. Then he says he’ll bring food, and she can say she made it. Dolly is happy about this.

Dhawal gives Natasha milk. It seems strange. They drink, and Natasha’s face is covered with milk. Dhawal is kind to her. All of a sudden, Pranali walks in and is mad at Dolly. Dolly is warned. Dolly is upset, but Chirag makes her feel better.

Natasha says she’s nervous because it’s her first time getting married. Dhawal makes fun of her. Natasha wants them to become better friends. Amresh wants Dhawal to start a family immediately, but Natasha wants to wait. This makes Dhawal confused.


In this episode, it’s easy to see how people interact with each other. Natasha wants to spend time with her family, but everyone has busy schedules. Mittu’s irritation with Shesh’s laziness and Suman’s worries about an unknown customer adds to the mystery. Amresh’s dark threat to Pranali shows his manipulative side and gives the story a darker tone.

The beginnings of a relationship between Dhawal and Natasha are full of playful banter and hints of romance, making it both sweet and awkward. Dolly’s modern lifestyle, shown in her videos, is funny but contrasts with her problems at home. This episode has some funny parts but also shows how complicated relationships can be.

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