Pandya Store 3rd November 2023 Written Update: Natasha gets shocked.

Pandya Store 3rd November 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Suman is worried because Chiku did not return home the previous night and isn’t answering her phone calls. She tells Sesh and Mithu to inform the police about Chiku’s disappearance. When Chiku returns, Suman hugs him, filled with emotion, worried that he has left her again. Chiku tells her to stop pretending to care about him. Suman starts crying and asks why he’s being harsh. Chiku says he can’t explain because it might upset her.

Over at the Makwana’s place, some people from a charity come to collect donations for girls’ education. Amresh sees Natasha’s phone and thinks of a plan to cause her trouble. Meanwhile, Natasha is playing with Golu and accidentally runs into Dhawal. He teases her, but she warns him to stay away.

Pandya Store 3rd November 2023 Written Update

Isha notices the police are looking for a woman who kidnaps people, and she tries to sneak away, but a lady officer catches her and asks why she’s running. Isha makes up some excuses. Back inside, Dhawal asks Natasha to help him study, but then he gets a call to identify a suspect at the police station.

Chiku explains to Suman that he was only kidding and tells her not to worry, mentioning that a woman kidnapped Golu. Suman asks him always to answer her calls when he’s out. They all share a comforting hug. Dhawal goes to the station, and the charity worker there confesses to kidnapping Golu on the orders of someone in his family. She and Dhawal head to the Makwana house.

Isha decides she needs to move houses since it’s not safe for her anymore, and she’s tired of always having to escape. Chiku sees her while delivering goods and tries to follow her, but she notices and is confused about him always being around. She almost gets hit by Dhawal’s car, which he overlooks, and then is hit by another car. Injured, she refuses help but then agrees to let Chiku take her to a doctor if he promises not to call the police.

At home, the charity worker points out Natasha and accuses her of orchestrating Golu’s kidnapping. Everyone is shocked, especially Natasha, who denies ever meeting this woman. The worker claims Natasha wanted to make her family look bad and prove that Amresh can also make mistakes. Amresh gets angry and refuses to let Natasha work, even though she says she needs a job to care for her grandmother.

Precap: Natasha will try to explain to Amresh that since the store will soon be his, she needs to work to support her grandmother, but Amresh will insist that the women in their family should not work outside and will not allow her to take a job.

Pandya Store 3rd November 2023 Episode Review

There is a lot of drama and emotional tension in this episode. Suman’s deep worry about Chiku’s disappearance sets a serious tone that is slightly lifted when Chiku comes back, though Suman’s rejection of Chiku’s love adds a twist. The side story about the NGO and Natasha’s accusation adds mystery and suspicion, building up to a dramatic cliffhanger where Natasha is accused of a serious crime she denies.

When Natasha says she wants to work, it challenges the traditional roles of the family and clashes with Amresh’s conservative views. This episode does an excellent job of combining suspense, family drama, and social issues, making viewers eager to see how these conflicts play out.

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