Pandya Store 30th August 2023 Written Update: Amresh tells Dhawal that the time has come for motive completion.

Pandya Store 30th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Amresh tells Hetal that she shouldn’t get married and should stay home. Hetal agrees to take the punishment, even though Amba tells him to stop talking about it. Amresh hears a whistling sound, but Amba takes his attention away. She talks to someone who tells her that everything is going well. Cheeku walks Suman to the car and tells him he will take care of everything. Natasha is sad because she is getting ready to leave. Pranali’s dad finds her on the street and asks her what she’s doing.

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Pranali says that her dad made a mistake by giving her a wedding gift even though he had been mistreated. She knows that he is planning something. She says he and Amresh are trying to marry her off to Amresh’s brother because she is poor. So they can keep them in line like slaves. She also says her dreams are over because she can’t be a doctor anymore.

Pandya Store 30th August 2023 Written Update

Pranali wants Natasha to know why she got married to Dhawal. She wants to put an end to the wedding. Her dad tells her to think about it, but she doesn’t listen and goes to Natasha’s house. She gets there right when Natasha leaves and runs after the car.

Dhawal’s wedding is making him nervous. Dhawal is not happy, but Chirag and Dolly are. Dolly tells the photographer that she wants to take pictures of Bhoomi Trivedi, a famous person. Amresh wants to know why her dad left work to meet this famous person. Dolly tells Amresh she will sing at the wedding, and Amresh says that’s fine.

The father of Pranali shows up. When Amba asks him where Pranali is, he starts to worry. Natasha and her family arrive at the place of the wedding. Pranali goes to her quickly. Natasha says no when Suman tries to get her to wear a specific dress. Pranali wants to say something, but she is cut off. She goes away without anyone seeing her.

Natasha doesn’t have on the traditional dress, so Amba asks her why. Natasha says she wants to wear the dress Suman gave her because her family blesses it. Natasha disagrees with Amba’s claim that it’s a tradition. Amresh tells Amba to stop being so angry. Cheeku walks by, and Amba asks him who he is. Suman calls him Cheeku, who is also called Yadhodan Pandya. When Amresh is mad, he breaks things. Dhawal tries to put him at ease. Amba tells him to talk directly to Yadhodan Pandya and even suggests that the wedding be cancelled.

Precap: Amresh gives Dhawal papers that Natasha needs to sign. Amba runs up to them because she is worried their plan could be found out, which would ruin the wedding.


A lot happens in this episode, and the tension is high because different storylines are coming together. Amresh wants Hetal to forget about marriage, while Pranali is mad at her father and Amresh for marrying her off for the wrong reasons. She wants Natasha, who is about to marry Dhawal, to know the truth. Even though Pranali tries, she doesn’t get to talk to Natasha before she goes to her wedding.

Pandya Store 30th August 2023 Written Update

Dhawal is worried about his wedding, and everyone is excited that Bhoomi Trivedi, a well-known singer, is coming to perform. Natasha doesn’t want to wear a traditional dress, so she chooses one her family likes. Amresh, meanwhile, loses his cool and starts breaking things.

Amba and Amresh look like they have a secret plan, but it’s unclear if it will work by the end of the episode. It’s a tense episode full of secrets, feelings, and decisions that need to be made.

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