Pandya Store 27th August 2023 Written Update: Dhawal saves Natasha

Pandya Store 27th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Shesh quickly calls Amba to tell her that Natasha is where they store alcohol and they might get caught. Dhawal wants to know, “Who will be caught?” Show me where Natasha is.” Both Shesh and Amba are afraid. Shesh says it’s close to the highway and then ends the call.

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Dhawal finds it weird. What’s going on? asks Amba. Dhawal says they will find the people at the party who brought alcohol. When Dhawal leaves, Amba starts to worry about what will happen next. Hetal starts to cry, but Pranali helps her stop. Amresh will be coming home soon, says Pranali.

Pandya Store 27th August 2023 Written Update

Natasha is taking photos of bottles of liquor. When a lousy guy sees her, he tries to steal her phone. Natasha beats him up and gets back her phone. She keeps making recordings. When Amresh sees Dhawal’s message, he immediately runs to the place.

Amresh keeps going even though the police try to stop him. Natasha fights off more bad guys and tells them she has proof they are wrong. She runs into Suman and Mittu, fighting the bad guys together. Natasha is grabbed by one thug, who puts a knife to her neck. Everybody is afraid.

Amba is anxious. Chameli asks what they will do since they are about to get caught. Amba says that Chameli is to blame. Chameli says she’d rather leave than get in trouble with the law. Still, Amba is worried. Natasha is saved by Dhawal when he gets to the storage area. When the police show up, the criminals try to get away. Natasha and Dhawal have a moment together, but she doesn’t give up.

The police catch the criminals, and Natasha is thanked. One thug says an older woman in pants and a shirt gave him the alcohol. The police think that Natasha may have been set up. Natasha leaves when Dhawal wants to talk. Dhawal always thinks she is so intelligent.

Pandya Store 27th August 2023 Written Update

Hetal gives thanks to God that Amresh is back. Hetal makes Amba feel better when she is sad. Chameli tells Amba about the plans for the wedding. Amba is scared that Natasha will join their family. Chameli says that Natasha will need to make changes.

Natasha is brilliant, and Amba doesn’t want her in the family. Mittu, who lives with the Pandyas, says the wedding will happen. But Natasha says no because Dhawal only knows how to hurt people’s feelings. Suman feels down. When Amresh gets home, he says that the wedding will happen. He’s looking for Natasha. Amba is taken aback.

Amresh wants to buy the Pandya Store and says Natasha has to follow the rules of the house. Dolly wants to know why the wedding is necessary. Amresh tells her not to ask questions about his family. Dolly is sad, so she calls off the wedding.

Precap: Dolly’s dad gets hit in the head with a sandal at the party before the wedding. Amresh won’t say he’s sorry. This makes Dolly sad, so she tells Natasha everything the family is hiding.


In this episode, many characters are in trouble, with high tension. Shesh and Amba are worried they will get caught keeping illegal alcohol, especially now that Natasha is looking into it. Dhawal wants to find the people who did it, so he goes to the storage area. There, he saves Natasha from some bad guys.

Amba is considering whether Chameli should take the blame for the alcohol to save the family. On the other hand, Natasha is sure she doesn’t want to marry into Dhawal’s family because of how hurtful he has been to her.

Amresh goes home and insists that the wedding will still happen. He also plans to buy the Pandya Store. Dolly asks why the marriage is happening, and Amresh makes her feel bad, which makes her think about calling off the wedding altogether.

The episode is full of suspense, moral questions, and family drama, leaving viewers eager to discover what happens next, especially since Dolly is thinking about telling family secrets.

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