Pandya Store 25th May 2024 Written Update: Dhawal help Natasha’s memory back.

Pandya Store 25th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Chirag enters his room. Dolly hugs him and says it’s time to grow their family and have another baby. Chirag tells her to think about their family’s situation, but Dolly wants a baby boy because she thinks her daughter won’t get a share of the property. Naveli brings breakfast and greets Dhawal, who is sleeping, while hugging Natasha. Natasha happily hugs Naveli.

Dhawal asks Naveli not to call him “Makkar Makwana” but “Papa.” Naveli mentions Bhavin as her father, but Dhawal corrects her, saying he is “bade papa.” Natasha asks if Dhawal is papa and she is mumma, what their relationship is. Pranali comes in and scolds Naveli for being late for school. Naveli asks Dhawal not to let Natasha go anywhere. Dhawal promises.

Pandya Store 25th May 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 25th May 2024 Written Update

Pranali taunts Dhawal for ruining lives by letting Natasha stay at the Makwana house. She tries to blackmail Dhawal emotionally. Dhawal tells her she took care of Naveli but made a mistake by joining hands with Shantanu. Pranali threatens to use the court to get Naveli back. Naveli goes to the Pandya house and sees Mithu talking to himself. She picks up his phone and hides inside. Mithu locks the door, not knowing she is there, and leaves.

Naveli calls Dhawal, saying Mithu has brought her to his house and threatens to take her somewhere if Dhawal and Natasha don’t come. Dhawal tells Natasha to come with him for a walk. Natasha agrees but asks for Shantanu’s permission. Dhawal pretends to ask and takes Natasha with him. Naveli locks Dhawal and Natasha inside the Pandya house and tells them to become friends until she returns from school. Dhawal thinks she is just like her mother.

Natasha gets tired from jumping around, so Dhawal helps her wipe her sweat. Dhawal looks at her and remembers their old times together. He starts crying, and Natasha feels worried. She wipes his tears and tells him not to cry. Dhawal asks why she is like this and feels guilty. He apologizes and hugs her. Dhawal tells her he will never let her go and will make her healthy again. Dhawal shows Natasha their old photos on his phone. Natasha looks at them and starts remembering things.

Dhawal tells Natasha they were married and lived at the Makwana house. He asks if she remembers anything. Natasha looks at more pictures and gets flashbacks. She sees Amrish’s face and remembers his death. She shouts “Mots” loudly and has a panic attack. In the past, Hetal asked Natasha to leave the Makwana house.

Natasha pushes Dhawal away and starts throwing things. Naveli and Mithu arrive. Dhawal asks Mithu to call a doctor immediately. Natasha keeps screaming “Mots” and faints. The episode ends with Naveli and Mithu looking after Natasha.

Precap: Natasha will recover and question Dhawal about the past seven years. Dhawal will tell her he blamed her for Amrish’s death and accepted it. Natasha will be shocked to hear this.

Pandya Store 25th May 2024 Episode Review

This episode of the drama series is filled with emotional twists and intense moments. Chirag and Dolly’s desire for another child amid family tension highlights the depth of their characters. Dhawal and Natasha’s complicated relationship takes centre stage, showcasing their emotional struggles and memories. Naveli’s actions add a layer of suspense, while Pranali’s threats create additional conflict.

The episode masterfully balances drama and emotion, mainly through Dhawal’s heartfelt interactions with Natasha, leading to a poignant revelation of their past. The climax leaves viewers eagerly anticipating Natasha’s recovery and the truth about the past seven years. Overall, it is a gripping and emotional episode.

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