Pandya Store 25th August 2023 Written Update: Dhawal angrily confronts Natasha

Pandya Store 25th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Suman is angry because Natasha is moving like she’s been drinking too much. Even Pranali’s dad gets hit by Natasha’s shoe. Everyone is taken aback. Amresh tells him to leave quietly. Natasha is drunk, and Dhawal finds out when he checks on her.

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Suman disagrees, but Amba says that Natasha is intoxicated. A family member attacks Amresh for saying he doesn’t like dancing at other people’s parties but is okay with it at his brother’s party. People also say that he is trying to hide that Natasha is sick. They bring her in.

Pandya Store 25th August 2023 Written Update

Mittu stumbles across some bottles of alcohol and quickly hides them so the cops won’t find them. Natasha feels better thanks to Suman and Dhawal’s help. The cops tell Amresh they want to check out the party because they heard there was alcohol. Mittu says to keep going, but Shesh isn’t sure.

The cops look for alcohol but don’t find any. But they decide to look at the cars as well. They look in Amresh’s car and find the bottles. Natasha’s earring is in the box, but Mittu takes it out before they take it. Amresh is taken into custody, and Amba goes after him, saying he is innocent.

Natasha brought drinks to the party, which made Dhawal very angry. Natasha gets mad and says she doesn’t drink. Amresh tells her that she seems to be the only drunk. Natasha says they must have brought the drink because they had essential people over. Dhawal is so angry that he breaks up with Natasha, whom he will marry. She also changes her mind about marrying him.

Precap: Natasha plans to get Amresh out of jail because he didn’t do anything wrong. She also wants Dhawal to feel bad about what he did. She even changes her clothes to do all of this.

Pandya Store 25th August 2023 Written Update


The episode is full of drama, stress, and turns that no one saw coming. The mood at the party is set by Suman’s anger at Natasha’s drunken behaviour, which sets off a chain of events that affects everyone there. Amresh’s arrest adds a significant twist that makes people wonder if he is guilty. When Dhawal and Natasha break up, it makes the story more intense.

The characters’ different ways of dealing with the situation add depth and complexity to the story. Mittu’s quick thinking to hide the alcohol builds suspense, especially when the cops come to investigate. Overall, it’s an exciting show that makes you want to know what will happen next, especially with Natasha’s plans to prove Amresh’s innocence and make Dhawal regret his choices.

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