Pandya Store 24th August 2023 Written Update: Dhawal Natasha breaks their relationship

Pandya Store 24th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Shesh is about to open a box. Natasha slaps his hand away at that moment. She tells him he shouldn’t have touched Shagun’s extraordinary things because they are bad luck. When Amba calls her, Natasha is about to fix a unique piece of cloth. Shesh has just left. Amba gets her attention by telling her that Dhawal wants to talk. As Natasha prepares to leave, Amba tells her they only let music and dance happen because of them.

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Natasha wants to know why dancing and singing are bad. Amba says their family doesn’t want their women to dance in front of others, so they’ve paid dancers instead. Natasha says she and her brothers have been practising dancing at the Sangeet and want to do it. She goes, telling Dhawal that she will talk to him later. Amba tells her helper to call the person who sells drinks.

Pandya Store 24th August 2023 Written Update

Everyone cheers when the dancers start their show. Natasha meets Dhawal by chance. He asks her how she’s feeling. She says that Amba told her she couldn’t dance. Dhawal stops her by saying she’ll look better if she doesn’t dance. Natasha won’t pay attention. Amresh doesn’t like to dance, says Dhawal’s brother.

Natasha wants to know why, but Dhawal changes the subject. He gives her food, but she doesn’t remember it. Hetal is cheering, but Amresh stops and sends her to check on the guests. Amba tells Amresh about how Dhawal takes care of Natasha.

The food is too spicy, and Natasha starts to cough. Even though Dhawal gives her water, it doesn’t help. Natasha goes to get something to drink. Amba tells Amresh that Natasha might get a drink with alcohol in it. Amresh disagrees, but Amba says it is true. Natasha brings back a drink that doesn’t taste good. She starts dancing out of the blue. Everyone is taken aback. Natasha pulls Dhawal onto the stage with her. What everyone sees is a big surprise. Amba tells the cops about the drinks at the party by calling them.

Pandya Store 24th August 2023 Written Update

Precap: Dhawal breaks up with Natasha because she doesn’t act like everyone else. Natasha shoots back, asking who he is to question her without knowing the whole story. She also breaks up with them.

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