Pandya Store 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shweta mocks at the Pandya’s saying it’s a surprise, then says she will rest. Rishita shares her worries, but Dhara feels Shweta is intoxicated. Shweta asks the kids to start their question-answer session. Krish questions her, but Shweta leaves. The Pandya gets happy seeing the kids. They all hug the kids. Chiku, Chutki and Shesh recall Shweta’s words.

Chiku pushes Dhara away and asks her to stay away from him. Dhara gets shocked. Chiku calls Dhara a bad woman. Shesh calls his parents the wrong people, saying he knows they are not his parents. Shweta enjoys this from watching upstairs. Rishita hugs Shesh and asks him not to believe Shweta’s words saying he is their son. Shesh pushes her away, shocking everyone.

Dhara goes to Chiku and pleads with him not to believe Shweta’s words. Chiku pushes Dhara away. He says he heard her saying in the market about her not being his birth mother, which has nothing to do with Shweta. He then calls everyone terrible. Gautam pleads with Chiku to listen to him. Chiku refuses.

Shesh accuses both Rishita and Dev. Dev gets frustrated. Mithu says that his mother is Raavi, but his father is Dev. Everyone gets shocked. Rishita asks Mithu, who said a stupid thing to him. Dev says to Mithu that he isn’t his father. Shesh demands his parents show him the dustbin from where they brought him home. Rishita pleads him to believe they are his parents.

Shesh says that his suspicion gets confirmed as Rishita often scolds him. Rishita gets frustrated. Chiku tells them they all decide to leave home after hearing Dhara’s confession. Chutki says now it’s her turn and says that she gets to know who her mother is. Rishita gets hopeful but gets upset when Chutki calls Dhara,r mother. Dhara says to Chutki that Rishita is her mother. Rishita also says the same. Shesh argues with Rishita. Chiku says that he knows Rishita is his mother. Shweta laughs at them. Krish warns her. Dev asks Krish to ignore Shweta as they should focus on the kids and clear their misunderstandings.

Dhara pleads with the kids to hear her out. Chiku asks her why she and everyone lie to them. Dhara says they hide the truth because they don’t want to hurt them, but Shweta does all this to hurt them. Gautam decides to tell Chiku the truth, but Dhara stops him and says she won’t have a problem if Chiku calls Rishita his mother for the time being when the right time comes, she will tell Chiku the truth.

Shesh and Mithu fight for Dev. Shesh cries. Gautam asks the kids to listen to Dhara. Dhara tells them that Chiku is her son, Shesh and Chutki are Rishita’s children, and Shiva and Raavi’s child is Mithu. The kids shout they are lying, then goes and hug Shweta.

Rishita expresses her worry about how to clear the misunderstanding with the kids. Suman arrives there with Shiva. Pandya gets emotional seeing Shiva. Suman questions the kids are with Shweta. She then calls Chiku and asks him to call her his grandmother. Everyone gets happy and vibrant. Chiku hugs her and calls her grandmother.

Shiva questions Chiku, but Suman tells him she will explain later. Shesh from the upstairs says he won’t call Suman as grandmother because he learned he was brought here from the dustbin. Suman laughs and then asks what’s happening here. Dev and Rishita tell her how Shweta manipulated the kids and confused them this way, and the kids aren’t ready to listen to them. Shweta smirks.

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