Pandya Store 20th August 2023 Written Update: Suman confronts Natasha

Pandya Store 20th August 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Natasha enters Dhawal’s room and finds him sleeping. She thinks about how he saved Suman’s life and is thankful for that. She says “thank you” in a whisper and tries to leave, but Dhawal appears before her. They both fall onto the bed by mistake. Natasha wants to leave, but Dhawal is glad she thanks him and asks her to stay.

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Sesh is looking for some important papers simultaneously, but Mithu finds him. To explain himself, Sesh makes up a story.

Pandya Store 20th August 2023 Written Update

Natasha looks after Dhawal’s wounds. ‘I love you,’ he tells her. She feels shy, so she goes away. Sesh tells Amba later that he found some papers about the land. Amba says to get them home as soon as possible. Natasha asks Dhawal if he loves her, and he makes a funny motion behind her. She doesn’t see, so she’s happy when she leaves. Suman stops her as she tries to get into the house.

Suman asks Natasha if she likes Dhawal. Natasha says she will. She talks about it with Vandhana. Vandhana tells her that she needs to think hard about how she feels. When Natasha thinks about it, she realizes she loves Dhawal.

Suman is thinking about getting married. She gets Amresh to come over by telling him she is sick. When he arrives, Suman tells him Dhawal asked Natasha to marry him. She thinks people should marry because they love each other, not for money. Amresh pays close attention.

Pandya Store 20th August 2023 Written Update

Precap: Natasha talks about starting a new part of her life with Dhawal’s family in the next part. Amba tells her to be careful, and she threatens to take away the family business.

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