Pandya Store 18th May 2024 Written Update: Dhawal feels guilty about his behaviour towards Natasha.

Pandya Store 18th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Amba’s face is revealed, and Naveli confronts her. Naveli remembers how everyone in the Makwana house ignored her. Naveli asks if Bittu is her real mother, which is why everyone loves her less. Pranali wakes up and notices that Naveli is not beside her. Amba admits that Natasha is indeed Naveli‚Äôs mother. Naveli insists that Pranali is her mother and starts crying loudly.

Hearing her cry, all the family members come to the room. Dolly notices Amba’s clothes and mask and asks why she is wearing them. Amba pretends she doesn’t remember anything. Naveli tells everyone that Amba is lying and that she just said Pranali is not her birth mother; it’s Bittu. Everyone is shocked. Shantanu and his sister arrive.

Pandya Store 18th May 2024 Written Update

Naveli asks Pranali to tell her the truth. Pranali questions Amba about what she has done. Amba says everything has its proper time, and she made a mistake. Naveli cries and asks Pranali if Bittu is her mother, hugging Pranali while crying. Hetal confirms that Natasha is her mother and tells everyone to sleep.

Shantanu says he doesn’t know what to do. Natasha starts crying, too. Shantanu consoles her and asks everyone to leave the room to avoid worsening Natasha’s health. Naveli says Amba was scaring them by disguising herself as a monster. Dhawal asks Amba if she is trying to scare Natasha. Naveli asks if Bittu’s real name is Natasha. Dhawal scolds Amba for her actions and asks her to see Natasha’s condition. Pranali tells Naveli to come with her and looks at Natasha again.

Shantanu takes Natasha to bed to make her sleep. Dhawal is about to leave, but Natasha rushes to him, holds his hand, and looks at him. Dhawal wipes Natasha’s tears, and Natasha wipes Dhawal’s tears, too, which makes him emotional, but he controls himself. Natasha asks Dhawal if she is Naveli’s mother. Naveli keeps crying and telling Pranali she wants to go to Bittu because she is her birth mother. Pranali tells Naveli to forget what Amba said, but Naveli doesn’t listen. Dhawal tells Natasha that she is Naveli’s mother.

Natasha goes to Shantanu and tells him that she is not Bittu but “Mumma.” She happily jumps while saying it. Naveli asks why Natasha doesn’t stay with them if she is her mother. Dhawal tries to control his emotions. Shantanu’s sister tells him they must return and leave Natasha with her family because they have no right to separate Naveli from her mother. But Shantanu insists she is now his Bittu, and no one can take her away. The episode ends with Dhawal feeling guilty about his behaviour toward Natasha.

Precap: Naveli and Natasha will pack their bags and leave the Makwana house. Naveli will ask Natasha where they will go and whose house they will stay at.

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