Pandya Store 15th May 2024 Written Update: Dhawal scolds Shantanu for not caring for Natasha.

Pandya Store 15th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Dhawal is questioning Shantanu about why he’s interfering and punches him. Shantanu punches back, and they start fighting. Meanwhile, Naveli is in her room looking for a painting and finds it on a cupboard. Dhawal angrily asks Shantanu what he did to Natasha. The rest of the Makwana family arrives, too. Shantanu’s sister steps between Dhawal and him, asking them to stop fighting.

Chirag is happy to see Natasha, but Amba is upset. She keeps saying this shouldn’t be happening and wonders how Natasha returned. Shantanu’s sister explains to Dhawal that they came because he invited them since Naveli is ill. She admits it was a mistake to come and suggests they should leave. Natasha pushes Dhawal, calling him mean for hitting her Shantanu, and hugs Shantanu. Everyone is shocked by Natasha’s actions.

Pandya Store 15th May 2024 Written Update

Natasha tells Shantanu that they are bad people and they need to return home. Hetal accuses Natasha of always causing drama. Pranali doubts this is their real Natasha because she seems mentally unstable. Shantanu’s sister realizes Natasha has a connection to the Makwanas and decides they should leave before things get worse.

Naveli finally gets the picture from atop the cupboard. As Shantanu and Natasha are about to leave, Naveli shows them her painting of herself and Natasha at the Pandya Store. Dhawal takes the painting and sees the ‘Pandya Store’ written on it. Natasha cries, saying they can’t stay because Dhawal, who hit Shantanu, is a bad man. Naveli is sad to see Natasha leave. Just as Shantanu and Natasha are leaving, Natasha turns back to say goodbye to Naveli.

Naveli asks Pranali to stop Natasha. When she doesn’t react, Naveli pleads with Dhawal to stop Bittu, promising to behave well. Dhawal is still shocked and goes outside to look for Natasha. Hetal stirs up Pranali, suggesting if she wants to remain Naveli’s mother, she should send Natasha away to a hostel to prevent her from asking about the past, which could reveal secrets. Shantanu is trying to get a taxi when Dhawal arrives and stops them. Shantanu picks up a stick and warns Dhawal to keep away. Dhawal questions Shantanu about his relationship with Natasha.

Shantanu asks Dhawal the same. As Dhawal gets closer, Shantanu is about to hit him, but Natasha intervenes and faints into Dhawal’s arms. Dhawal carries her back into the Makwana house. He scolds Shantanu and his sister for not looking after Natasha properly despite knowing her health condition.

Shantanu says it’s due to stress and gives Natasha some medicine. He sings “Tera Yaar Hoon Main” to comfort her. Dhawal leaves as he sees Natasha hugging Shantanu. The episode ends with Shantanu’s sister urging him to come home since staying could mean losing Bittu.

Precap: Shantanu tells Dhawal that Natasha needs to stay put for 2-3 days after her panic attack so they can’t leave. Dhawal insists on staying until he has answers. Later, Dhawal reveals to Shantanu that Natasha is his wife.

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