Naagin 6 13th May 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 13th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Mehek threatening Prathna and Raghu. She tells them that Purvika and Meher are under their control and they will harm them if they oppose them. Prathna and Raghu feel powerless. Meher and Mrig take Prathna from the venue while Trisha stands by Raghu. Ranav and Yamini fight, but Patali intervenes and stops them. Ranav remembers a past incident upon seeing Patali. Yamini calls her “Maa,” and Patali embraces her. She wonders why she feels connected to Ranav as Pratham and is anxious. Suwarna tells Prathna that her family and Naaglok are in danger. Prathna swears to protect her family and Naaglok.

Patali brings Yamini and Ranav home and asks them not to fight. Yamini confronts Patali, questioning if she remembers her family now. Patali explains her situation. Ranav angrily asks why she left her children to lead a misguided life. Prathna lights a lamp before Lord Shiva and dances before him, pleading for help finding her daughter. She says she won’t leave until she discovers her daughter’s whereabouts. Shiv Shakti hints to Prathna about Purvika’s location, and Prathna rushes to find her.

Naagin 6 13th May 2023 Written Update
Naagin 6 13th May 2023 Written Update

Naagin 6 13th May 2023 Written Update

Ranav lies to Patali, claiming he learned about his grandfather’s story. Patali comments that his grandfather chose a good path but wondered what happened to his upbringing. She mentions that Pari defeated Pratham. Yamini points out that Patali didn’t return for them even after learning about their existence, and their son Ashwath has also died. Patali feels sad. Ranav accuses her of killing Ashwath and grabs Yamini by the neck. Yamini denies the accusation, and Patali separates them. Yamini questions if Patali came back to assert her rights.

Patali grieves Pratham’s death and learns about Ashwath’s demise. She sheds tears. Shekar and Dadi overhear Ashwath’s death. Dadi enters the room and asks if Ashwath has died. Dadi asks Patali who she is, and Patali introduces herself as she has returned for her grandson. Ranav approaches Dadi and states that she will be his grandmother forever. Yamini asks if she can return home, and Patali agrees, saying she will go if they agree. Dadi invites her to go with them after marriage, and Patali smirks.

Prathna enters Patal Lok and finds Purvika unconscious on the floor. She defeats the Rakshas and takes Purvika to Naagmahal. Patali asks Yamini to support her in attacking Naaglok, mentioning that Mehek also helps her. Yamini accuses Patali of using emotional manipulation, but Patali insists on her plans and leaves. Yamini encounters Mehek and warns her that Ranav won’t allow them to attack Naaglok if he learns about their plans. Mehek assures her that she will handle it. Dadi comforts Ranav and lightens his mood. Ranav smiles and hugs her while Bela observes them.

Prathna brings Purvika to Naagmahal. Jeet and Manjeet apologize to Prathna for misunderstanding her. Prathna forgives them, stating it wasn’t their fault. Takshak informs her about the process of saving Purvika. Prathna holds her daughter’s hand and performs the ritual as instructed by Takshak. Purvika regains consciousness and calls out to her mother. Prathna embraces her tightly. She teaches Takshak and others to care for her daughters and rushes to stop Raghu’s wedding.

Ranav contemplates how Patali turned them into Rakshas without considering their father’s wishes. He realizes Patali has returned with a hidden motive but wonders what it could be. Bela approaches him and asks if he’s okay. He responds curtly, questioning why she claims rights over him. Bela asserts that she is his wife, which prompts Ranav to make sarcastic remarks. Suddenly, a tree branch is about to fall on Bela.

Acting swiftly, Ranav catches it before it hits her, but his hand gets injured, and his blood falls on Bela’s forehead like Sindoor. They share a moment of connection. Ranav tells Bela to prepare herself to face her great-grandmother, understanding that he is Pratham and his mother has returned. Patali appears on the scene, and Bela wonders what Patali’s motive is. They leave the area while an unknown man picks up the fallen bracelet.

Meanwhile, Raghu and Trisha’s wedding is about to be completed. Prathna arrives and freezes time. She calls Suwarna and Ajay inside, asking them to escort the guests out. Once the guests are safely outside, Prathna restores the flow of time. Mehek confronts Prathna, reminding her of the warning she gave. Prathna confidently declares that her daughters are safe. Raghu unties the sacred thread that symbolizes their marriage and asks if Prathna has found their other daughter, Meher. Prathna affirms that Meher is their daughter and reveals she saved Purvika’s life. She proclaims that she won’t spare those who have harmed her family.

Prathna vows to take revenge against Mehek and Patali as a wife and a mother. Patali arrives at a jewelry store, claiming that the bracelet brought there belonged to a Pari who killed a Rakshas. The person whom Ashwath saw before his death wore that bracelet. Yamini informs her husband that a battle will ensue between Naaglok and Rakshaslok that night, causing unrest at Naaglok.

Patali, Mehek, and their allies prepare for the attack on Naaglok. However, Ranav decides to stop the Rakshasas and Yamini from carrying out their plan. The Naagvanshis try to hinder Ranav’s progress, but he persists. Mehek arrives at Naaglok, intending to destroy it and confront Nagaraj and others. As the forces of Naaglok and Mehek’s army clash, Pari Ma becomes aware of the situation and resolves to protect Naaglok.

Meanwhile, Ranav fights alone against the Naagins, who try to impede him. Seshnaagin joins the battle to halt Patali and her army, using her powers to neutralize them. Mehek and Seshnaagin engage in a fierce fight. Raghu expresses his determination to support the defense of Naaglok. Yamini appears and challenges Raghu to fight and win against her.

Suddenly, Pari Ma confronts Patali and Mehek. Patali orders her to step aside, but Pari Ma declares her intention to assist Prathna and eliminate Patali. Mehek confidently tells Rani Pari that her actions are futile. Patali attacks and cuts off Rani Pari’s wings, causing her immense pain. Bela arrives at the battleground and finds her mother lying unconscious. She cries over her mother’s condition, realizing she is finally seeing Bela after 20 years. Pari Ma remains unresponsive, lying unconscious.

Bela joins the fight, taking on the Naagins. Prathna fervently prays to Lord Shiva for help. Suddenly, she breaks free from the spell binding her and regains her powers. Mehek and her daughter confront Prathna, engaging in a fierce battle. Bela, weakened by the attacks, tries to rise but is struck by Mehek again. In a desperate attempt to empower Prathna, Bela urges Sesh Naagin Prathna to drink her blood, enabling her to gain strength and fight the Naagins. Prathna hesitates but eventually agrees, drinking Bela’s blood and regaining her full power. She heads towards Naaglok.

Patali, ready to strike Prathna with her weapon, is caught off guard when Prathna retaliates, landing a decisive blow. Bela, weakened by donating her blood, warns Prathna that she may not survive. She explains that the love between a Rakshas and a Pari is cursed, and they can never be together. However, Prathna remains determined, believing that if a Pari and a Rakshas have fallen in love, there must be a reason behind it.

Meanwhile, Ranav continues to fight alone against the Naagins sent by Mehek to stop him. Bela, growing weaker, falls unconscious while talking to Prathna. Prathna discovers Pari Ma’s feathers and uses them to revive Bela. As soon as she places the feathers on Bela’s chest, Bela awakens.

In another scene, Raghu is praised by his courtiers for his bravery. Sesh Naag and Sesh Naagin have emerged victorious in the battle, successfully defending Naaglok from Mehek, Patali, and their forces. Vasuki Naag is seen shedding tears, and when asked why, he expresses disbelief that his daughter, Trisha, had turned against Naaglok. Prathna and Raghu encourage him, assuring him that it was Trisha’s fault.

Mehek lies weak and sick after the battle. Trisha, overwhelmed with grief for Raghu, argues with Professor and expresses her desire to end her own life. Professor assures her that he will bring Raghu back to her, but they are currently outnumbered and lack sufficient power. Despite their pleas, Trisha decides to leave. Professor and Mehek follow her. Prathna and Raghu open Param’s hand, granting him another chance. When Ranav arrives at Naaglok, he learns that Seshnaag and Sesh Naagin, with the assistance of Pari Lok, have already saved Naaglok. However, he senses something still feels amiss, even though Naaglok is safe. The episode concludes.

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