Meet 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Meet 20th March 2023 Written Episode Update.: In today’s episode, Sarkar asks Gunwanti if he is becoming a father again. Gunwanti says yes. Manmeet tells Meet that everything will be fine as Sarkar and Yashoda will reunite. He approaches Sarkar, says he is pleased, and asks him if he is happy too. Sarkar says yes. Manmeet laughs and congratulates him. Imarti thinks it can’t be good news considering the age of Yashoda and Sarkar. She says that Gunwanti can be mistaken. Gunwanti says that Yashoda is having the same symptoms as Imarti and Swapna.

Imarti says that she lied. Everyone gets shocked. Imarti manages the situation. Imarti says that they should ask Yashoda directly. Meet calls, Manmeet. She says that now everyone will confront Yashoda, and she will reveal the truth. She says that they have to make Yashodha believe that she is pregnant. Manmeet says that he didn’t think about it. Meet asks him to go and approach Yashoda fast. Imarti feels apprehensive. Manmeet takes Yashoda to the doctor.

Yashoda says that she is okay. The doctor checks her. She says that she can say anything after reviewing the reports. She goes inside. Meet gives her a thumbs up. The doctor tells Yashodha that she is pregnant. Yashoda refuses to believe her. The doctor convinces her. Yashoda gets shocked and wondered how this happened. Manmeet and Meet thank the doctor and leave after Yashoda. They bring Yashoda home. Meet showers her with flower petals and congratulates her. All the ladies shower Yashoda with love and good wishes except Imarti and Jalebi.

Yashoda takes a rest in the room. Sarkar comes there. Meet, and Manmeet hides behind the curtain. They come closer. Sarkar checks the report, and Yashoda sleeps peacefully. He hears that Yashodha is asking Manmeet not to give the news to Sarkar. Yashoda wakes up and gets shocked seeing Sarkar in front of her. Sarkar offers her water. Meet, and Manmeet becomes happy. Later, Imarti mentions Sarkar and Jalebi’s wedding. She asks Sarkar if the marriage will take place or not. Sarkar asks Gunwanti to gather the whole family in the hall for a meeting in the evening.

Gunwanti nods. He asks her to bring Yashoda too. Everyone becomes happy. Manmeet hugs. Meet in excitement. He tells Meet that he feels everything will be fine now. He asks Shagun not to let Jalebi roam around Sarkar or Yashoda. Shagun agrees. Meet remembers something and leaves. Manmeet goes behind her. He says thank you to Meet. Meets says it’s okay. Meet says she is going to the market to bring Swapna’s favourite delicacy, which Yashoda needs and mentioned in front of Gunwanti earlier. She says it’s her responsibility to take care of her family.

Manmeet says that he wants to drop Meet at the market. Meet sits on his bike and holds his shoulder. They leave. Shagun sees them. Jalebi packs her luggage. Imarti questions her. Jalebi says she is going as Imarti has failed to do anything for her. Imarti thinks she won’t give up and fight until her last breath. Meet completes her shopping. She gets emotional seeing a knife which Meet Alhawat gifted her on one of her birthdays. Manmeet gifts the blade to her.

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