Meet 13th May 2023 Written Update: Meet and Cheeku finally meet

Meet 13th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Sumeet contemplating the need for money for the doctor’s fee. She takes a moment to recall a story Manmeet had shared with her earlier about Meet’s determination to earn money by playing a match. Inspired by Meet’s story, Sumeet finds a way to make money herself. Just then, Meet and Manmeet approach Sumeet and inform her that they must go somewhere first, suggesting she accompany other family members to the factory puja. Sumeet agrees.

Sumeet realizes she has to lie to Meet and skip the puja because she needs to take Cheeku, who is extremely ill, to the doctor. Gunwanti and Mahendra start badmouthing Meet, accusing her of controlling Manmeet. Gunwanti recounts how proud Sarkar used to be of Manmeet, referring to him as “Shera,” but now he seems to hide behind his wife. At that moment, Sarkar’s wife appears and scolds Gunwanti and Mahendra for their disrespectful comments about Meet and Manmeet. She emphasizes that they were merely giving advice, and it’s up to Meet and Manmeet to decide whether to follow it.

Meet 13th May 2023 Written Update
Meet 13th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th May 2023 Written Update.

Meanwhile, Cheeku anxiously looks around the house for Sumeet. He spots Kanika with her goons and quickly hides behind a pillar. Kanika instructs her men to scour the home and prevent Cheeku from escaping. Cheeku continues to hide while Kanika and her goons search for him. Finally, Kanika spots him as he tries to flee the house. In his rush, Cheeku injures his feet but manages to hide again, eluding Kanika. He runs and hides under a cart, and although Kanika reaches the spot, she fails to capture him.

At the orphanage, Chanda shows Meet a chest containing items donated by children, including a blanket with Meet’s name embroidered on it. Chanda urges Meet to hurry, and while Meet tries to find information about Cheeku on the computer, his picture and details are still loading. Just as Meet is about to examine the blanket, she receives a call from Yashoda, inquiring why they haven’t arrived for the factory puja. Meet quickly, makes up some excuses, and asks about Sumeet.

To her shock, she learns that Sumeet didn’t come to the puja with Yashoda. Meet informs Manmeet that they had instructed Sumeet to go with Yashoda, but she failed to attend. Worried, Manmeet suggests they immediately return home, and unfortunately, Meet misses the opportunity to gather any information about Cheeku.

Kanika and her goons finally capture Cheeku. Meet and Manmeet rush back home and engage in a playful argument outside. Just then, Cheeku runs towards Meet and embraces her tightly. Meet feels a strong emotional connection with him and lovingly returns the hug. Kanika instructs her men to let Cheeku go, frustrated that her plan has been foiled.

Manmeet assumes Cheeku is mute and cannot speak. Meet and Manmeet decide to bring him home with them. Yashoda calls Manmeet, questioning why they didn’t attend the puja, but he offers excuses. Sarkar advises Yashoda not to defend Manmeet. The episode concludes with Meet telling Manmeet that Sarkar’s anger will subside once he learns why they are absent.

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