Main Hoon Aparajita 16th May 2023 Written Update: Kalpana helps Mohini

Main Hoon Aparajita 16th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Aparajita expressing her reluctance to have a spa treatment due to her workload. Disha encourages her to relax and suggests having a spa treatment with Kalpana and Dadi. Aparajita agrees and calls them to join. She remembers that the idea of a home spa came from Akshay. Aparajita, Dadi, and Kalpana gather for their home spa session. However, their beautician keeps receiving continuous phone calls. Kalpana inquires about the person who booked the beautician and suggests canceling the appointment.

The beautician apologizes and explains that she usually turns off her phone during work. Aparajita insists that it’s okay and asks her to answer the call. The beautician answers the call, which turns out to be her son pleading with her to come home. Despite the pleas, she hangs up and ignores her son’s request. Aparajita empathizes with the beautician’s situation, pays her, and encourages her to spend time with her son. The beautician expresses gratitude towards Aparajita.

Main Hoon Aparajita 16th May 2023 Written Update
Main Hoon Aparajita 16th May 2023 Written Update

Asha and Disha discuss how Aparajita foiled their plan. Akshay contemplates how to approach Aparajita and help her relax. Suddenly, one of Mohini’s associates arrives, claiming to be there for Aparajita’s head massage. Akshay and his daughters deny having called anyone. Kalpana remembers contacting the person in question based on Mohini’s message. Akshay commends Kalpana for surprising them. Disha and Asha notice the large suitcase brought by the spa lady. Akshay leaves for the office, and Mohini sends Asha’s photo to the lady she hired, instructing her to bring Asha to her. The lady agrees to Mohini’s request.

The masseuse settles Aparajita into a massage position and is questioned about the oversized bag. The masseuse explains that she carries a large suitcase due to having multiple appointments. Meanwhile, she instructs Asha to warm the oil, and Asha heads off to complete the task. Curious about how the masseuse knows Asha’s name, Aparajita asks, and the masseuse quickly responds that she overheard Asha’s sisters calling her.

Asha returns with the warm oil, and the masseuse starts a head massage for Aparajita. Suspicious about the different scent of the oil, Aparajita inquires, but the masseuse reassures her that it’s nothing to worry about. Unbeknownst to Aparajita, the masseuse has drugged her, causing her to lose consciousness. The masseuse plans to take advantage of Aparajita’s unconscious state to kidnap Asha and hide her in the bag.

Aparajita’s daughters are busy preparing food while Shubh playfully teases Asha. Chavi asks Asha to fetch round Mirchi from the storage room. Asha complies and enters the storage room, where she is unexpectedly rendered unconscious by the masseuse and placed inside the suitcase. The masseuse captures a photo of Asha and sends it to Mohini. Shubh arrives at the scene and questions the masseuse about the contents of her bag and Asha’s whereabouts. The masseuse claims ignorance regarding Nia’s location and attempts to leave. Aparajita regains consciousness and notices the masseuse’s departure, asking if she has received payment.

Mohini messages Kalpana, instructing her to make the masseuse leave the house. Kalpana intervenes, preventing Aparajita from helping the masseuse, and fabricates a story about her children creating a mess in the kitchen. Concerned about the kitchen, Aparajita rushes to investigate and reprimand her daughters for the lot.

She also asks about Asha’s whereabouts, and Disha informs her that Asha went to the store room. Aparajita decides to call Asha and steps out of the kitchen. Just as she does, she notices the struggling masseuse attempting to remove the large bag. Sensing something amiss, Aparajita asks Disha to lend a hand. Kalpana and the masseuse grow increasingly anxious.

Amid the tense situation, Asha manages to call out for her mother. Aparajita hears her voice and freezes, realizing that something is gravely wrong. She rushes towards the sound, her heart pounding with worry. Aparajita discovers the opened suitcase with Asha trapped inside, still unconscious. Shocked and panicked, she frantically wakes Asha and holds her close, reassuring her that she’s safe now.

Aparajita’s anger surges as she confronts the deceitful masseuse and demands answers. The truth unravels as the masseuse confesses her involvement with Mohini and her sinister plan to kidnap Asha. Enraged and protective, Aparajita takes charge, refusing to let anyone harm her family. She calls the police and ensures the masseuse is apprehended for her crimes.

With the situation diffused, Aparajita gathers her family, providing comfort and reassurance to Asha. She assures her daughters that they will remain vigilant and united against threats. Aparajita’s determination to protect her loved ones strengthens, and she resolves to uncover the motives behind Mohini’s nefarious actions.

Meanwhile, unaware of the recent events, Akshay returns home to find his family shaken but safe. Aparajita fills him in on the distressing incident, and together, they pledge to fight against the forces that seek to harm them. They vow to uncover Mohini’s intentions and ensure justice is served.

As the episode concludes, Aparajita’s family stands united, more vital than ever, ready to face the challenges ahead. Their love and resilience become a beacon of hope in adversity, reminding us that family bonds can withstand even the darkest threats.

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