Maati Se Bandhi Dor 3rd July 2024 Written Update: Vaiju will leave Rannvijay’s house.

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 3rd July 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Vasundhara confronts Rannvijay about his mind. While he tries to explain that he’s worried for Jaya, she doesn’t accept it. Vasundhara mentions that since he returned from Jhumri Patak, he has been showing more anger, especially towards Vaiju. Rannvijay recalls his forced marriage. Despite Vasundhara’s insistence, he apologizes and promises not to get angry quickly. Rannvijay decides he wants to tell Jaya the truth first.

Vasundhara calls Vaiju over and praises the aroma of the sheera she made for Rannvijay, who loves it. She asks Vaiju to take the sheera to Rannvijay. Vaiju hesitates, but Vasundhara insists, saying the same bond connects them. Vaiju thinks about their marriage, but Vasundhara clarifies she means Jaya. She encourages Vaiju to take the sheera and clear up their misunderstanding.

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Vaiju goes to Jaya’s room and finds Rannvijay sitting beside her. Vaiju is about to leave, but Rannvijay spots her and starts scolding her again. He pushes Vaiju away, causing the sheera to fall. Vaiju tries to argue back, but Rannvijay rudely shuts the door in her face, asking her to leave his relationship alone. Vaiju returns to her room and cries, remembering Rannvijay’s harsh words about her ruining his shirt, which Jaya gifted.

Vaiju receives a call from her grandmother, who asks if Rannvijay and his family have accepted her. Vaiju explains they are good, but she keeps making mistakes, upsetting Rannvijay. Her grandmother advises her to keep trying and not give up. Vaiju takes Rannvijay’s shirt outside to correct her mistake. Sulekha and her husband see Vaiju washing the shirt and ask her what she’s doing. They suggest using washing powder, but Vaiju insists that traditional methods clean it better.

After washing and drying the shirt, she asks Vasundhara to visit her ox, Raja, and bring him Bajre ki bhakri. Vasundhara agrees and asks if she can cook. Vaiju replies that she can make it, but it’s so complex that only Raja can eat it. She happily prepares it while singing. Vaiju places the bhakri on the table and thanks Vasundhara for allowing her to make it. Rannvijay arrives and asks Vasundhara for poha from the kitchen.

While she goes to get it, he unknowingly takes and enjoys the bhakri made by Vaiju. Later, Vaiju returns his shirt, which has been cleaned. He scolds her again but is surprised to see it cleaned. He leaves, instructing Vasundhara to keep it in the cupboard. The doctor updates on Jaya’s condition, noting her improvement. The episode ends with Rannvijay stating that he will send Vaiju away once Jaya recovers.

Precap: Vaiju will leave Rannvijay’s house.

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