Maati Se Bandhi Dor 20th June 2024 Written Update: Rannvijay will confront Vaiju.

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 20th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Vaiju gives a wallet to Vasundhara. Everyone laughs when they see a teenage photo of Rannvijay inside. After Rannvijay leaves, Jaya arrives. Rannvijay sees her from his car and gets down to check, but she is gone. He wonders if he saw her or if it was just his imagination. A little girl tells Jaya that she saw her photo in Rannvijay’s wallet, but Jaya tells her not to mention it to anyone. Vaiju asks Jaya where she is, and Jaya makes excuses.

Rannvijay keeps thinking that Jaya is nearby and calls Kirti to ask about her. Kirti says Jaya is in her village, Nandipatak, which surprises Rannvijay. Vaiju sees Rannvijay’s call on Jaya’s phone and questions her about it. Jaya lies, saying she doesn’t know why he is calling. Vaiju suggests answering the call in case it is about the haldi ritual. Rannvijay tells Jaya he knows she is in Nandipatak.

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 20th June 2024 Written Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 20th June 2024 Written Update

Jaya avoids answering Rannvijay’s questions in front of Vaiju. Rannvijay confronts Jaya and asks if she was at Vaiju’s house during the ritual. Jaya cuts the call and tells Vaiju that Rannvijay asked her to wear something yellow to match the turmeric. Durga asks Jaya to carry on with the Haldi ritual. Salim informs everyone that Vasundhara has sent a car. Kaveri asks him to put a lemon under the wheel to ward off evil eyes. Vaiju notices Jaya staying behind during the rituals and asks if she has any problems. Jaya lies, saying she is tired because she didn’t eat properly and asks Kaveri to take the haldi instead.

Jaya tells Vaiju she feels sad about leaving the house. Vaiju comforts her, saying new relationships don’t mean leaving old ones behind. Jaya prays for everything to go well. Everyone reaches Rannvijay’s house for the haldi ritual, and Vasundhara welcomes them. Rannvijay thinks about how he saw Jaya standing next to Vaiju earlier. Jaikant, drinking, says he is celebrating Rannvijay’s marriage and will have to call Vaiju his sister-in-law after the marriage.

Vaiju smiles at Rannvijay, who keeps looking around for Jaya. Rannvijay objects to the tradition of not allowing widows like Durga to do the puja, and Vaiju agrees. Vaiju also requests that Durga be allowed to do the aarti. Durga says she could raise her three daughters because Vaiju cared for the household. The haldi ritual starts and the priest invites the bride’s sisters to put haldi on the bride and groom. Jaya tries to leave, but Vasundhara brings her back. The episode ends with Rannvijay trying to see Jaya.

Precap: Rannvijay will confront Vaiju, leaving her shocked by the truth.

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