Maati Se Bandhi Dor 18th June 2024 Written Update: Rannvijay realizing Vaiju’s truth.

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 18th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Rannvijay tells Vaiju he’s ready to marry her if she still wants to. Vaiju is surprised and asks if he’s joking. He assures her he’s serious and asks if she accepts. Vaiju says yes, making her family happy. Kaveri feeds sweets to Vaiju, and Jaya hugs her as everyone celebrates. Ayo Saheb comments that Rannvijay must be at peace now. Rannvijay clarifies that he didn’t reject Vaiju but accepted the alliance.

Rannvijay explains that they misunderstood Vaiju, and the truth came out. He reveals how Santosh, in a drunken state, confessed that Jaikant bribed him to provoke Vaiju. Rannvijay confronts Jaikant, who admits to instigating Vaiju against Vasundhara, leading to her slapping him. He realizes Vaiju’s silence was to protect her honour, making her the best choice for their family.

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 18th June 2024 Written Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 18th June 2024 Written Update

Vasundhara is relieved that Rannvijay understands Vaiju’s truth. Later, she confronts Jaikant about his actions, calling them traitorous. Ayo Saheb adds that they could have discussed their concerns instead of plotting. Jaikant criticises Vaiju, claiming Vasundhara is confused between justice and injustice. Rannvijay defends Vasundhara, leading to a confrontation.

Vasundhara stops the fight and declares that Jaikant is no longer trusted. Jaikant challenges her decision but is forcibly removed from the house. Vasundhara warns him not to return until Vaiju and Rannvijay are married. Sulekha cries for her son but accepts Vasundhara’s decision. Meanwhile, preparations for Vaiju‘s marriage begin. Salim brings betel leaves and betel nuts for a ritual.

Durga explains to Vaiju that breaking the betel nut the priest gives her will symbolize her and Rannvijay being bound together forever. Vaiju makes an excuse to leave, and Jaya senses her unease. Vasundhara prepares gifts for Vaiju’s family and asks Ayo Saheb to forgive the past and accept Vaiju. Rannvijay asks Ayo Saheb to attend as his father. Vasundhara is overjoyed that Vaiju is becoming their daughter-in-law. The episode concludes.

Precap: Rannvijay confronts Jaya about their relationship and asks her to admit she still loves him. He then breaks off his alliance with Vaiju, leaving her shattered.

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