Maati Se Bandhi Dor 13th June 2024 Written Update: Rannvijay and Jaya feel shattered.

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 13th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Durga calls Vasundhara and tries to make her think badly about Vaiju. She says Vaiju has been rejected many times, so marrying her to Rannvijay would ruin his future. Vasundhara calls Durga a coward for blaming a girl without revealing her own identity. Vasundhara praises Vaiju and says she trusts her. She wonders who would want to harm Vaiju’s happiness.

Rannvijay calls Jaya again. She sees his repeated calls and decides to end things so Rannvijay can marry Vaiju. Jaya talks harshly to Rannvijay and asks why he called her so many times. Rannvijay calmly asks her to explain what’s going on. Jaya thinks about Vaiju’s feelings for Rannvijay and starts scolding him. She says she’s not interested in him, and if he thinks she loves him, he’s mistaken.

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 13th June 2024 Written Update

Rannvijay says he believed her. He promises to forget her and all their memories. Rannvijay tells Jaya she’ll never hear from him again. Both Rannvijay and Jaya feel broken as the call ends. “Tijhe Yaad Na Meri” plays as they both cry. Durga sees Vasundhara at the temple, and Vasundhara tells her about a woman who called to speak against Vaiju. Durga pretends to be innocent, and Vasundhara asks who would have a grudge against Vaiju.

Vasundhara mentions how she was told 14 men rejected Vaiju, so she called a few and found they all got similar calls. Vasundhara asks Durga if she’s behind this. She mentions how Durga wanted Rannvijay to be with Jaya, not Vaiju, as the priest had told her. Vaiju arrives and scolds Durga for forgetting to take her medicine. She greets Vasundhara and then goes to work in the fields. Vasundhara decides not to tell Vaiju anything.

Durga breaks down and says she can’t handle the responsibility of three daughters. She believes Vaiju is the one who can earn and support their family. Vasundhara says Durga sacrificed Vaiju’s happiness for her selfish reasons. She criticizes Durga’s actions as unjust. Vasundhara tells Durga she can fix her mistake. Vaiju is working in the fields when Durga comes and calls her.

Vaiju smiles, and Durga feeds her with her own hands. Vasundhara makes Rannvijay lie in her lap. Rannvijay talks about Jaya leaving him. Vaiju lies there, thinking about Rannvijay’s words when he was drunk. Jaya also thinks about Rannvijay. Vaiju and Jaya lie next to each other. The episode ends with everyone lost in their thoughts.

Precap: Santosh will tell Vaiju that Rannvijay will leave her after using her. Vaiju will slap him and find Rannvijay there too.

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