Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update: Palki try to escape from goons

Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update: The episode begins with Preeta inquiring about Palki’s whereabouts from Daljeet. Daljeet informs her that Palki has gone to Mahi’s friend’s house. Gurpreet urges Daljeet to call Palki, but Daljeet reassures them that she must be on her way and heads inside. Meanwhile, Palki finds herself held captive by goons who warn her not to scream.

As the driver halts the car at a signal, Palki attempts to escape but fails. She sees Karan and hopes he will come to her aid, so she cries out for help. Karan feels someone has called him and decides to leave his car.

Shaurya confides in Sanju about his plan to take Palki in his car, but Sanju raises concerns about Palki recognizing their faces. Shaurya dismisses the worry, declaring that he doesn’t care, and approaches the goons’ car. Spotting Karan, he quickly retreats, causing the goons to flee.

Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update
Kundali Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update

Rajveer pleads with Mahi to let him go, perplexed about why the door has become stuck. Mahi reveals her fear, and Rajveer calls out for help. Daljeet overhears his cries and implores her to open the door. Daljeet reaches out to Preeta and Gurpreet for assistance, informing them that Mahi is also trapped in the room. Mahi worries that her mother will surely ruin her love story.

Preeta and Gurpreet arrive, and Daljeet complains to Preeta about Rajveer. Preeta clarifies that Rajveer and Mahi are stuck in the room, urging Daljeet not to overthink. Mahi requests Daljeet not to fret, while Gurpreet defends Rajveer, causing Daljeet to apologize. The door is eventually opened, and Rajveer and Mahi are freed. Mahi defends Rajveer, and Daljeet apologizes to him once again.

Mahi inquires about her heels, and Daljeet explains that she had sent Palki to retrieve them. Preeta wonders why Daljeet sent Palki and attempts to call her, but there is no response. Daljeet contacts Mahi’s friend, who reveals that Palki hasn’t arrived yet. Daljeet informs everyone about Palki’s absence, and they search for her.

Meanwhile, Palki is tied to a chair by the goons. She pleads with them to let her go and asks what they want from her. Palki informs them that her parents are not wealthy enough to pay a ransom and expresses a concern as tomorrow is her engagement day, causing her parents to worry. One of the goons warns her to stay quiet.

Shailendra discovers that Palki is missing, leaving Preeta worried. Rajveer assures her that Palki must be safe and explains that she may not be picking up the phone, which is why they should be concerned. Preeta asks him to find Palki, and he promises everyone he will locate her before leaving the house.

A goon calls Shaurya and reveals everything that has transpired. Shaurya instructs them not to harm Palki and to prepare a new bedsheet. As he attempts to leave the house, he is taken aback by Karan’s presence. Karan orders Shaurya not to go then and dismisses Sandy and Sanju. Meanwhile, Rajveer discovers tire marks and begins following them.

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