Jhanak 3rd January 2024 Written Update: Anirudh and Apu run to Jhanak to save Jhanak.

Jhanak 3rd January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Jhanak is stepping forward to reveal her secret. Arshi is upset with her for being thoughtless and is angry with Anirudha. Everyone is unhappy with Ani for supporting Anirudh, and Arshi even delays the wedding. Soon, Jhanak steps forward again and shares a secret known only to Anirudh. Arshi demands the truth from her. Jhanak admits she is already married.

Hearing this, everyone starts asking who Jhanak’s husband is. Arshi strongly wants to know his name. Anirudh’s parents are shocked and wonder about Jhanak’s past. Arshi asks Jhanak to name her husband, thinking Jhanak might be lying.

Jhanak 3rd January 2024 Written Update

Anirudh’s mother is eager to learn about Jhanak’s past marriage. Jhanak, feeling weak on the stairs, starts to shake. She plans to return to Kashmir once she feels better. Suddenly, she falls and faints. Anirudh and Apu rush to help her.

In the meantime, Apu criticizes Anirudha for being too protective of Jhanak. He stands up for her rights. Arshi argues with Anirudh, suspecting a secret link between Jhanak’s and Anirudh’s stories. Anirudh hurries to help Jhanak and carries her to his room.

Jhanak 3rd January 2024 Written Update

Arshi, disappointed and upset, watches Anirudh’s concern for Jhanak. Despite requests from Anirudh’s parents to set a wedding date, she is no longer interested. Anirudh stays with Jhanak, calling a doctor, Dr. Ghosh, for her. Back home, Arshi tells her parents, Shristi and Vinayak, about Jhanak’s marriage, surprising them.

Precap: Badima will encourage Jhanak to wear sindur because she is married. But Jhanak refuses to follow this tradition. Vipash urges her to perform a Brat puja in her husband’s name. They even want to see her husband on a video call.

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