Jhanak 31st May 2024 Written Update: Arshi confronts Anirudhha.

Jhanak 31st May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, there is a tense situation in the Bose family because Appu isn’t eating after Janak left. Anirudhha asks his aunt to care for Appu since she’s in shock. Arshi comes to Anirudhha’s house to talk about her upcoming engagement. Anirudhha offers her a glass of juice. When Anirudhha serves the juice, Arshi notices the ring on his finger that Janak gave him.

Arshi becomes suspicious and starts questioning him about the ring. She thinks Janak gave it to him, but Anirudhha hides it. Arshi wants to know where Anirudhha got the ring, but he refuses to tell her because he doesn’t want his family to make fun of Janak or force him to get rid of the ring. Anirudhha avoids Arshi’s questions and gets angry when she insists on knowing the shop’s name.

Jhanak 31st May 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 31st May 2024 Written Update.

After calmed down, they talked about the upcoming engagement ceremony in a few days. While the family is busy preparing for Anirudhha’s wedding, he doesn’t feel excited. Appu still misses Janak, but the elders tell her not to mention Janak‘s name. Ani’s family is relieved Janak has left, but Ajanta and Appu greatly miss her.

Janak used to work hard at the house, and now there’s no one to care for the family’s needs. Ajanta explains how Janak used to help with Appu’s education and health. Vipasha and Lal try to find a new maid for the family. Tanuja and Shubha don’t prioritize Ajanta, who is busy with kitchen work. Anirudhha asks Vipasha to help Ajanta in the kitchen, but Vipasha feels insulted. Shubha prefers to order food from outside.

Meanwhile, Arshi goes to a jewellery shop to check on the golden ring that Anirudhha is wearing. She thinks Janak gave it to him. She asks the shop about who bought the ring. Finally, with the bill and statements, Arshi confirms that Janak gave the ring to Anirudhha. She confronts him when she returns home.

Precap: Janak will reach Kashmir, but before getting off the train, she will get a call from a fake police officer who tells her to go with him for her safety. When the real police learn about this, they realize Janak has been abducted. Anirudhha decides to go to Kashmir the same day after hearing the news.

Jhanak 31st May 2024 Episode Review

In this episode, the Bose family is in turmoil after Janak leaves, causing Appu to stop eating. Anirudhha asks his aunt to care for Appu, who is in shock. Arshi visits to discuss her engagement but becomes suspicious when she sees a ring from Janak on Anirudhha’s finger. Anirudhha refuses to reveal the ring’s origin, leading to tension.

Meanwhile, the family is busy with wedding preparations, but Anirudhha is unenthusiastic. The family misses Janak’s contributions, and Ajanta struggles with extra work. Arshi confirms Janak gave the ring and confronts Anirudhha. In the precap, Janak faces danger in Kashmir, prompting Anirudhha to act.

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