Jhanak 29th November 2023 Written Update: Anirudh comes to cheer Jhanak up.

Jhanak 29th November 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Tejas asks to marry Jhanak. He speaks directly to Urvashi, Jhanak’s guardian, promising her family won’t have to pay for anything. He only wants to marry Jhanak. However, Urvashi does not wish for Jhanak to marry yet and says no to Tejas. This makes Tejas angry, and he starts talking about his power. Bharat also tries to change Urvashi’s mind, but she stays firm in her decision.

When leaving, Tejas firmly says he will marry Jhanak in seven days, and no one can stop it. Urvashi asks them not to hurt Jhanak because of her mistakes and prays for Jhanak’s well-being. Bharat is upset with Urvashi for missing a good chance and tries calming Tejas. Urvashi is worried about Tejas and Bharat’s cunning plans.

Jhanak 29th November 2023 Written Update

At this time, Jhanak goes to a wedding to enjoy the celebrations. She sees the love between Arshi and Anirudh, which makes her happy. She watches all the couples dancing joyfully and feels sad, comparing their happiness with her situation. Anirudh notices Jhanak standing alone and goes to make her feel better. Meanwhile, Arshi sees them together and wants to know what they discuss. She doesn’t want Anirudh to be close to Jhanak and asks him to accompany her. Then, someone calls them.

Later, Urvashi seeks help from Guruji. She reminds him of past events and blames him for his actions. She threatens to reveal his secrets if he doesn’t help Jhanak. Guruji is upset by Urvashi’s behaviour and tells her to be careful with her words. Urvashi continues to plead for his help, attracting the attention of others. Bharat scolds her for being so desperate.

Sristi and her family criticize Urvashi for being brave enough to speak to Guruji, making her feel bad. They tell her not to ruin the event and to leave. They don’t understand why she needs Guruji’s help when he has no connection to Jhanak. They think Urvashi wants his help for her career. Jhanak tells her mother not to ask Guruji for help.

Jhanak 29th November 2023 Written Update

Sristi talks badly about Urvashi in front of everyone, questioning her character and mentioning that she doesn’t even know who Jhanak’s father is. Jhanak can’t stand the insult to her mother and leaves Bharat’s house.

Precap: Jhanak and Anirudh will return, only to find that Jhanak’s mother has died. Then, Tejas will kidnap Jhanak. Rahul will ask Anirudh to rescue her.

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