Jhanak 29th December 2023 Written Update: Anirudh feels sorry for Jhanak.

Jhanak 29th December 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode starts with Rumi’s plan. She offers Jhanak a soft drink. At first, Jhanak doesn’t want it, but Rumi insists. She wants Jhanak to have fun at the party. Arshi starts dancing on stage, and everyone gets excited. Vipasha tells Jhanak to drink more so she’ll feel the effects faster. After drinking, Jhanak starts feeling strange.

Meanwhile, Anirudh joins Arshi on stage. Suddenly, Jhanak appears there too. Vipasha, wanting to cause trouble, tells Jhanak to dance. Arshi is upset with Vipasha for this. But Vipasha wants to see more drama from Jhanak. Jhanak doesn’t want to dance, but she gets upset by something Anirudh says. So, she starts dancing, even though she’s not feeling well.

Jhanak 29th December 2023 Written Update

Everyone is shocked by her dance. Arshi can’t believe what’s happening to Jhanak. To tease Jhanak, Vipasha tells her to keep dancing. Anirudh is confused and asks why she’s dancing like she’s drunk. Jhanak, not in her right mind, starts talking nonsense to him. She asks why he always hurts her. This makes Arshi even more worried, and she rushes to Jhanak.

Jhanak, still upset, asks Anirudh why he always makes fun of her in front of others. Anirudh doesn’t know what to say. Arshi asks him about Jhanak’s question. To stop Jhanak, Arshi slaps her. Jhanak calms down but is confused about why she was hit. Anirudh feels bad for Jhanak. Apu comes and hugs her to make her feel better. Later, the elders ask Jhanak about the drink, but she’s still not well enough to explain.

Jhanak 29th December 2023 Written Update

Precap: Jhanak gets a high fever and talks in her sleep. She wishes to see her mother.

Jhanak 29th December 2023 Episode Review

There is a good mix of drama and mystery in this episode. The plot is based on Rumi’s clever plan to get Jhanak drunk at a party, which has surprising results. As Jhanak, who is drunk, confronts Anirudh, revealing underlying emotional conflicts, the tension rises. Arshi’s response to what is happening raises the drama even more.

The episode does a good job of showing how complicated relationships can be and how manipulative people can be. However, using drunk people as a plot device might make people worry about how consent and drug use are shown. The episode is dramatic and keeps people’s attention, but it also deals with touchy subjects that need careful thought.

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