Jhanak 24th May 2024 Written Update: Jhanak gets ready to leave the house.

Jhanak 24th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, there is a big fight between Chhotan and Shuvo. Subho defends Anirudhha, which makes Subho very angry. He criticizes Chhotan for being a hypocrite and foolish. Chhotan doesn’t care about anyone. Meanwhile, Arshi talks to Jhanak about Aniruddh and Jhanak’s relationship. Jhanak clearly says that she could claim her right over Aniruddha if she wanted to, but she won’t.

She feels she has sacrificed a lot for Arshi and doesn’t want to take away Arshi’s happiness. Seeing the emotion in Jhanak’s eyes, Arshi asks if she loves Aniruddha. Jhanak explains that she doesn’t have the power or right to love him because their social statuses differ.

Jhanak 24th May 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 24th May 2024 Written Update.

Arshi then asks if Aniruddha loves Jhanak. Jhanak replies that Aniruddha also has no reason to love her. But Arshi is not satisfied with her answers. Arshi expresses her anger towards Jhanak and blames her for ruining the happiness of the special day. She orders Jhanak to leave immediately, saying she never wants to see her again. Jhanak is shocked by Arshi’s sudden behavior.

Subho tells his son to stay away from Jhanak, but Anirudh doesn’t want to hurt Jhanak, who has already suffered a lot. He also reminds them that Srishti and Jhanak are from the same family. He mentions that one day, Jhanak will find out about her father, and her father won’t be able to face her questions. Jhanak decides to leave the house so that Arshi won’t blame her anymore. She is willing to give up all her security for her cousin.

When Arshi comes home, she tells her mother everything. Srishti is shocked and feels desperate about Jhanak’s situation. She feels vulnerable because she can’t face Jhanak. Srishti asks her daughter if she has any feelings for Aniruddha.

She compares her relationship with Arshi’s. Srishti encourages Arshi to celebrate Anirudhha’s birthday the next day. She insists that Arshi resolve the issue so Anirudhha won’t doubt their compatibility. When Jhanak says she is leaving, both Anjana and Chhoton become emotional. Jhanak expresses her gratitude to them.

Jhanak 24th May 2024 Episode Review

In this dramatic episode, tensions rise as Chhotan and Shuvo clash, leading Subho to defend Anirudhha and fiercely criticize Chhotan. Arshi confronts Jhanak about her feelings for Anirudhha, revealing deep emotional conflicts. Jhanak’s sacrifice for Arshi’s happiness is evident, but Arshi’s harsh reaction and demand for Jhanak to leave add to the turmoil.

Despite Subho’s warnings, Anirudh stands by Jhanak, acknowledging their shared family ties. The episode ends with Jhanak’s decision to leave to avoid further blame, stirring emotional reactions from Anjana and Chhoton and leaving Srishti shocked and desperate to mend the rift.

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