Jhanak 1st January 2024 Written Update: Jhanak has a high fever.

Jhanak 1st January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, the Mukherjee family is talking. Jhanak, who has had too much to drink, tells Anirudha about her problems. Arshi gets upset seeing Jhanak and Anirudha close together and leaves angrily for the car. Anirudha tries to calm Arshi and asks her to hear him out. He plans to explain things to her while they drive and talk about Jhanak.

Arshi is unhappy with Anirudha and wonders if he is hiding something about him and Jhanak. Anirudha thinks about telling the truth and starts talking about everything that happened in Kashmir. He tells her about the hard times and that the villagers wanted him to marry Jhanak. Arshi becomes very angry.

Jhanak 1st January 2024 Written Update

But this is all in Anirudha’s imagination. Afraid of what might happen if he tells the truth, Anirudha stays quiet and changes the story. He even scolds Arshi for hitting Jhanak. They keep arguing about Jhanak. Arshi can’t stand seeing Jhanak and Anirudha together and leaves him. Anirudha tries hard to explain, but things get worse. He stops the car and talks kindly to her. In the end, they hug.

At night, Jhanak has a high fever and calls for her mother. Anjana quietly goes to Jhanak’s room and sees she is sick. She feels sorry for Jhanak and calls her husband. They both try to make Jhanak feel better. Anjana’s husband realizes they don’t have medicine for the fever.

Jhanak 1st January 2024 Written Update

The next morning, the family asks about Jhanak. Anjana and her husband say she can’t talk. Anirudha learns about Jhanak’s fever and thinks about calling a doctor. Tanuja strongly suggests they send Jhanak to Shristi’s house as they don’t want her in their house anymore. Anirudha wants to see Jhanak and goes to her room. He feels sorry when he sees her fever. Jhanak keeps saying she wants to go back to Kashmir.

Precap: Jhanak will admit she is married. But while she is talking, she will fall down the stairs. Anirudha will rush to help her and carry her. Arshi will be confused and surprised to see them close. The next day, Badima asks Jhanak to put sindoor on her forehead because she is married.

Jhanak 1st January 2024 Episode Review

The episode shows how the Mukherjee family feels and what they don’t understand. The main plot point is Jhanak’s confession while she is drunk, which causes problems, especially with Arshi. Anirudha’s struggle to tell Jhanak the truth about his past while keeping his relationship with Arshi strong gives the story more depth. In his made-up scenes, Anirudha thinks about telling Arshi the truth but then changes the story. These scenes effectively show his inner conflict.

As seen in Anjana’s caring response to Jhanak’s illness, the episode also discusses family relationships and care. When the family decides to stay away from Jhanak, the tension rises, showing how complicated the relationships are in the house. The story turns interesting with Jhanak’s accident and subsequent revelation, leaving viewers wondering how Anirudha, Arshi, and Jhanak will interact. Overall, the episode combines emotional turmoil, family drama, and suspense, making it very interesting to watch.

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