Jhanak 18th May 2024 Written Update: Jhanak comes to a coffee shop to meet Anirudhha.

Jhanak 18th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Jhanak and Ajanta have a conversation. Jhanak decides to leave the Bose house before Anirudhha and Arshi’s wedding. Ajanta feels very sad, thinking Jhanak will leave and never come back. She says that Appu will also miss her a lot. They talk about Appu and her future.

Ajanta feels heartbroken whenever she talks about her daughter. Jhanak gives her hope, saying that Appu will become confident in the future and get a chance to show her talent. She also suggests that Ajanta enrol her daughter in a music school. But Ajanta says she doesn’t have enough money to give Appu a proper musical education.

Jhanak 18th May 2024 Written Update

As Jhanak is about to leave the house to meet Anirudhha, Vipasha enters the kitchen. She asks Jhanak where she is going. Jhanak says she wants to buy gifts for the neighbours and books for herself. Vipasha scolds Jhanak for going out without finishing her work. Jhanak promises to return within two hours.

Vipasha also forbade her from giving any gifts to Anirudhha. Jhanak is shocked but promises she won’t cause trouble at the birthday party. When she gave a diamond ring at the engagement, everyone criticized her. Vipasha feels very happy to learn that Jhanak will leave the house within four days.

Following this, Chhoton goes to Mrinalini’s school to invite her to Anirudhha’s birthday party at the Bose house. He doesn’t want to reveal his true identity to Mrinalini. Seeing him at the school again, Mrinalini feels very annoyed and asks why he has come there again. Chhoton makes a big deal out of being asked why he brought the invitation card.

Later, Jhanak meets Anirudhha at a coffee shop on his birthday. Her presence makes Anirudhha very happy. He thanks her for keeping her promise. Jhanak looks very beautiful, which mesmerizes Anirudhha. Though he can’t express his feelings to Jhanak, his eyes show how much he cares for her.

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