Jhanak 14th May 2024 Written Update: Tanuja claims that Jhanak has been brainwashing Ani.

Jhanak 14th May 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Tanuja accuses Jhanak of misleading Ani. Vipasha also complains that Jhanak is tricking Ani into marrying her, but the Bose family won’t allow it. Aniruddha asks everyone to calm down, but Arshi becomes upset and feels betrayed when she discovers that Aniruddha has been unfaithful. Arshi throws a golden ring on the floor and ends her engagement with Aniruddha.

She repeatedly asks him why he went into Jhanak’s room without permission and points out that he was holding Jhanak’s hand. No one will listen despite Chhoton and Ajanta’s efforts to calm things down. Jhanak insists she did nothing wrong and that Aniruddha was only helping her with an injury. Ajanta tells Jhanak to go inside, but Vipasha rudely disagrees and criticizes Ajanta for supporting Jhanak.

Jhanak 14th May 2024 Written Update

Ajanta reminds Vipasha that she is also her mother-in-law and should respect her instead of always siding with Tanuja. Ajanta scolds Vipasha and tells her to go inside and not to speak further. Aniruddha tries to talk to Arshi, asking her to come to his room, but she refuses to be with him. Vipasha takes her to her room and encourages Arshi to avenge Jhanak by forcing her out of the house, but she struggles to control her emotions.

Vinayak asks Shristi to call Jhanak because of her injury, but Shristi refuses to humble herself before Jhanak. Although Vinayak pleads, she ignores him. Meanwhile, Arshi calls Shristi to tell her she no longer wants to marry Aniruddha. Arshi is very upset and cries, which worries Shristi. Arshi begs Shristi to come to the Bose house quickly. When Shristi arrives, she asks Arshi about what happened, but Arshi hesitates to explain.

When Tanuja and Shubha try to manage the situation, Shristi becomes angry upon seeing Arshi’s tears. She demands to know what occurred last night from the Bose family. Appu gives her version of the events. Shristi decides to report Aniruddha to the police.

Precap: Arshi will confront Aniruddha about his loyalty.

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